Breaking Free of 6G Hell

| July 24, 2023

Breaking Free of 6G HellA great friend and contributor recently sent me a text message, “This girl either has access to info we don’t or she’s “bat shit crazy”.   If you get a chance to listen, I’m curious as to what you think.”

Her request was not the result of idle curiosity because we are both retired systems analysts, and she asked, knowing my extensive IEEE 802 background with Hewlett-Packard and several other top Silicon Valley firms during the 1990s.

The link in her text was to a video posted on Thursday, July 20, 2023, featuring Sabrina Dawn, a network analyst whistleblower.

If you were a casting agent for Mel Gibson and looking for a quirky deep code hacker to play the lead in a film titled Breaking Free of 6G Hell, Sabrina is pure central casting, and whoever she is, you’re seeing the real deal.

As to whether or not she is batshit crazy – you decide.  As a professional with ample related technical experience in Internet communications, I lean more towards eccentric.  Frankly, she’s seen things that would fry anyone’s mind.

Technically, the answer to my friend’s text is simple.  Yes, Sabrina has access to info we don’t have at present.  But we do now.

To you, my readers, what you are about to learn will mortify you as it did with Sabrina.  Beware, this is a severe red pill about how this next-generation evil will ultimately undermine the sovereignty of our very souls.

After I researched Sabrina’s technical arguments, I knew I needed to write this article and unpack it all for you in simple terms so that you can see what I see from a high-level point of view.

Before considering a black pill ending, know this.  I’m not offering pleasant news.  However, you are not without a practical option because there is a straightforward lifestyle change you can make to overcome it.  The best part, it is entirely free.

With that, let’s begin with the video.


Before you watch this disclosure video featuring Sabrina Dawn, let me offer a bit of context to help give you a helpful perspective.

At the outset, Sabrina goes to great lengths to explain how she was a CIA-abused child from a CIA-operative family.  While running down the names in that wedding book would be interesting, most of her comments reminded me of what I’d often seen during my days in the computer business.

Everyone punches a clock of some sort, and software developers are usually clocked by how many lines of code they write each day.  Short of time and lines of code?  Do a few lines of cocaine; problem solved.

More me, it begged a simple question.  Is Sabrina pretending, or is she honest?

Sabrina answered that question for me, to my utter surprise and delight, so with this one, no spoiler.  Click play, and I guarantee you’ll see it on your own, and then I will unpack all this and end with a simple message of hope, so enjoy the show.

Sabrina Dawn: Building wsn wban networks w qualnet and omnet++/ISAKMP and IPsec for cryptographic keys


No matter who you are, one thing is obvious.  Sabrina does not celebrate having this knowledge.  This much I could see by the questions she shared in the video she used to direct the path of discovery.

The two aspects of this process that come to bear here deal with how she defines the threat and how we can defend ourselves from it.

Follow the Flame

As Sabrina provided her bona fides, and I am evaluating her technical argument, fair is fair.  I will share a sample of my relevant experience below.  It is an extract from my resume.

HEWLETT-PACKARD WHITE PAPERS (Jun-99 to Nov-00):  Hewlett‑Packard, Cupertino, CA. Technical briefs, and white papers.

Document Title Description
Link Aggregation for Gigabit Ethernet Link aggregation software used with HP-9000 servers running HP-UX.
Gigabit Ethernet Performance Presented 1000 Mbps performance results for fiber-based network interface cards.
Fast Ethernet Performance Presented 100 Mbps performance results for fiber-based network interface cards.
Jumbo Frames Overview Explained how Jumbo Frames are used to enhance the performance of Ethernet networks.
Copper Wire Tutorial Explained the differences between fiber-based and copper-based Ethernet NIC standards, plus deployment guidelines.
High Availability Storage Solution Technical Brief Written as a source document for the creation of a high-availability brochure for the HP XP256 RAID-5 hard disk arrays.
HP XP256 Storage Solution Technical Brief Written as a source document for the creation of a product brochure for the HP XP256 RAID-5 hard disk arrays.

I did not include the kind of people I worked with in the extract above.  Most were corporate types, but then there were the Deep Hackers, as I call them.   They are in no way Hollywoodesque.  Like Sabrina, they’re outriders—a unique kind of their own.

Oddly, thinking about them reminds me of that great line by Agent K in Men in Black 3 (2012).  “I don’t ask questions I don’t want to know the answer to.”

Deep Hackers like Sabrina keep asking.  Knowing it will inevitably be disheartening news, she remains drawn to the truth like a moth to a flame, so let’s follow that flame.

This is Not Science Fiction

Sabrina repeatedly shows her hand-drawn IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.6 display cards during her presentation.  To put this in context, let’s show how these are related to the IEEE.

The acronym IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  Its website tagline is, The professional home for the engineering and technology community worldwide.

This international organization works with industry to create open standards that enable us to use the Internet and many other technologies with high interoperability.

The fact that Sabrina is referencing IEEE standards means that she is talking about the real technology that has been widely available to developers and technology companies for decades.  Folks, this is not science fiction; honestly, it is not cutting edge either, which for me is the scary part.

She shows how this established technology has been weaponized, and there is no glee of discovery in her countenance.  What she sees mortifies her, and she does her best to spread the word.

The international ruling body of concern for her is the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee.  They are tasked with developing and maintaining networking standards and recommended practices for local, metropolitan, and other area networks globally.

Three IEEE standards published by this committee and mentioned by Sabrina are:

  1. IEEE 802.15.4, dates back to 2006 and governs how devices communicate within a network, be it within your home, larger systems, and eventually the world. It is the international standard for wireless personal area networks (WPAN)—device-to-device communications.
  2. IEEE 802.15.5, dates back to 2009. It created an interoperable architectural framework for IEEE 802.15.4 WPAN devices via scalable wireless mesh networking.  Smart meters are a perfect example of a mesh network.  All the meters communicate continuously with the other meters within your neighborhood network and are remotely controllable by the utility.
  3. IEEE 802.15.6 dates back to 2012 and governs short-range wireless communications around and inside the human body. IEEE 802.15.6 standard is the latest international Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) standard for device-to-body communications.


A detailed explanation of these standards is available from the IEEE site, so let’s focus on the principal difference and what the two have in common.

With IEEE 802.15.4, the focus is on devices speaking with other devices.

However, with IEEE 802.15.6, the focus is on turning humans into transhuman devices that can interoperate with IEEE 802.15.4 devices via an IEEE 802.15.5 mesh network.

After deploying and activating this WBAN network scheme, humans will devolve into AI-controllable drones.  Some are for work, food, sex, and entertainment, and the rest are disposed of.

In simpler Terminator terms, this is how Skynet goes everywhere and defeats humanity, which brings us to the disclosure aspect of Sabrina’s video.

Connecting the Dots

In the news business, honest reporters always look for the same things in a news story.  Who, what, why, where, when, and how.

In Trump, the third installment in my video series, The Jab with Marshall Masters, I explain then who, what, and why about transhumanism RNA vaccines.

  • WHO: The Deep State
  • WHAT: To deploy a 6G Centralized global network to enslave humanity.
  • WHY: The DS created this hell with AI control, so they can perform targeted assignations and anonymous eugenics at will.


If you have not watched the entire series, be sure to watch the third installment, The Jab with Marshall Masters No. 3 – Trump.

No. 3 – Trump

In this third episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains the role played by President Donald Trump during the Covid Plandemic, and beyond.


He also examines the roles played by Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

From the beginning of the Covid Plandemic, governments, and cartels viciously suppressed alternative facts and solutions. Hence, a tough challenge now faces the vaccinated. Is everything or almost everything they thought they knew about it wrong? This episode connects the dots in a revealing way.

You’ll have all the dots once you have watched this and Sabrina’s disclosure video because she gives us the where, when, and how.

  • WHERE: Everywhere with network access.
  • WHEN: The original 16-year plan of the Deep State was to set to defeat humanity this year and that we would never have a fighting chance.
  • HOW: IEEE 802.15.6 Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)


A critical thing to remember about IEEE 802.15.6 is that it is already operational and uses existing radio frequency bands approved by national medical and regulatory authorities.

The IEEE 802.15.6 standard addresses the operation of portable antennas in the presence of humans.  It factors in sex, body weight, and movement to ensure a continuous network connection.

Here is where Sabrina’s video dives into the nastiest part.  Namely, the depth to which we can be controlled via 6G AI-controlled WBAN stealth slavery technologies.

Unfortunately, this 6G Hell is rooted in ancient healing wisdom.

Those who practice Yoga understand the chakras, the seven energy centers along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head.  They map out the way energy moves throughout the body.  Each one addresses different abilities, expressions, and types of health.

For those familiar with Acupuncture meridians, these are the passageways through which life energy known as “qi” (ch’i) flows through the body.  These meridians are strings that connect the various acupuncture points practitioners use for treatment.

Sabrina refers to these as nodal points, a Western way of explaining how Acupuncture meridians and Chakras were used to map human body control points for electromagnetic telemetry.  Then she goes beyond that to explain new technologies used to give elites a precise roadmap of the brain.

Consequently, you are integrated into numerous databases and devices, and through a developed and operational Brain Brain Interface BBI, we will become the drones of a hive mind.  In this 6G Hell, every thought is immediately captured and transmitted to an autonomous AI controller monitor.

After that, you are at the mercy of AI, and its creator.  When that happens, the gift of speech will cease as we communicate via thought through the network.  Then all humans will forever lose the sovereignty of their very souls as we become the chattels and playthings of psychopaths and all the horror that entails.  So when did it really begin?

There Were No Coincidences in 1947

All of this is very dark, so the one thing Sabrina said that best summarizes her entire technical argument is this.  “They are wired into your bone marrow.”

With that in mind, let’s travel a little further back in time to backfill the IEEE timeline from above, which is:

  • 2006 – IEEE 802.15.4
  • 2009 – IEEE 802.15.5
  • 2012 – IEEE 802.15.6


These three networking standards are all related but different.  However, all have the exact origin, which is important to this analysis because the genesis of this 6G hell happened in a New Mexico desert.

  • July 1947: The “Roswell incident,” a.k.a. “Roswell,” was the recovery of a crashed UFO.  This windfall of advanced alien technology then set a rapid sequence of cover-ups and historical events in motion.
  • September 1947: While campaigning, President Harry S. Truman acquired the slogan, “give ’em hell, Harry!” When he signed the National Security Act, he made good on that slogan because it created the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).   Kudos, Harry.  You actually did give us hell because, thanks to you, psychopaths have weaponized a vast windfall of Nazi and alien technologies against humankind.
  • December 1947: This is when computers as we know them were first born with a successful demonstration of a radical new technology at Bell Labs in Murray HillUtterly simple, it was the first working transistor and proved to be the genesis of what we know as the Digital Age.  Likewise, it makes possible the horror of a Skynet future.


All of this is dark and foreboding, and it’s that one more thing on top of an already tall awareness pile of miseries.  Now are you having an Agent K moment, as I don’t ask questions I don’t want to know the answer to?

If so, one last question.  What to do about it?

What To Do?

Here is the part where Sabrina impressed me.  Late in the video, around 0:43:35, when Sabrina is offering her closing thoughts, is where she got me.  She said, “Step 1 it’s your body part.  Step 2 get right with God.”  Brilliant and pithy.  That was the perfect Rocky Balboa one-two punch.

She didn’t say it’s your body.  No doubt, a Libertarian at heart, she was specific.  It’s your body part, which is concise from the standpoint of the sovereignty of our very souls.

Whether it is a fingernail or your eternal soul, it is your body part, and this specificity denies psychopaths the exclusionary latitude they need to pick and choose body parts for violation.

In other words, it is time for people to stop rolling up their sleeves like sheeple.  Better yet, it’s time to end all this insanity with an excellent old-fashioned reckoning that includes freedom for all of humanity.  While we’re waiting for the shipping notices on that, what can we do for ourselves?

There are two ways to defend yourself against 6G hell: physical and spiritual.  Both work, and you can do them together.

6G Hell Physical Defense

An interesting comment by Sabrina was that if you do not have your biofield in the upcoming EM warfare, you will not survive.  I noted her use of the term biofield, which is used in alternative healing to describe biopsychospiritual energy as Qi or Prana, life force energy.

While practicing an energetic self-healing art, such as Yoga or Danjeon Breathing, is an excellent way to acquire Qi, there are other energies you do not want to acquire, such as electrosmog.

Daily, we are bombarded with multiple forms of electromagnetic radiation from overhead power lines, smartphones, smart meters, cell towers, and so forth.  While each can be said to be within an acceptable threshold of risk, cumulatively, they all combine to create harmful levels of what we collectively call electrosmog.

There is a physical way to handle this most efficiently, and it is explained in my book, Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization.

The strategy is to live off the grid and below ground in concrete domes, which are most pleasing to be in.  The domes are used for living quarters but also for extensive underground farming to ensure a steady, mineral-rich diet free of synthetic chemicals.

In a Win-Win, you breathe pure air, eat pure food, and drink pure water, and thanks to the overcover designs shown in the book, the only EM that will enter your body will come from whatever devices you use underground.  All other forms of EM, including solar storms and 5G, can never reach you.

Starting a Win-Win community may seem overly ambitious to most.  Still, those who can appreciate the threats of EM warfare know that we’re in a spiritual war and that the worst of it began when our species came into possession of alien technologies.

Short of building huge off-grid communities, is there anything we can do on a more personal scale?   Yes, there is, and you can begin doing it today.

6G Hell Spiritual Defense

Why do the psychopaths go to such great lengths to cover up their deeds?  Because like vampires do not do well in sunlight.

What I explain in my video series, The Jab with Marshall Masters is that we’re up against inhuman entities who are about to thought-farm us like 6G catfish.  Whether it is they or the terrestrial proxies they employ, there is an undeniable satanic agenda, which brings us to the question Sabrina never answered.

What is the ultimate goal of this 6G body networking conquest scheme?

Sabrina tells us they now can hear your thoughts as they form, as though they were God.  Was this the ultimate goal?  No, just a stepping stone.

In 2010, a person in a notable position in the government contacted me about disclosing a recent briefing about the coming of RF tag implants and what they were intended to do.

Much of which, I might add, correlates to what Sabrina is talking about.  All that has changed are the network devices.  The goals and methods remain essentially the same.

All this brings us to their ultimate goal.  That is to steal us from God, the Creator, through deception so they can defile us at will.

How will they do that?   When Sabrina mentioned their use of Software Defined Radio (SDR), I had a direct connection between her and my whistleblower.  What is it?  Electronically speaking, a two-way SDR is a programmable chameleon.  So, what’s the catch?

The self-assembling nanites in the mRNA vaccines autonomously draw the minerals they need from the body to fabricate SDR transceivers, biopower supplies, and wireless antenna arrays.  In short, SDR is one hell of a hammer if you need to drive a nail.

Since that whistleblower contact in 2010, I’ve known that psychopaths have mapped the God frequency we use to feel God’s presence and thoughts.

Now, they can use graphene nanite SDR technology to jam God’s presence and thoughts while simultaneously presenting an AI god imposter.  Therefore, as a matter of personal defense, how does one spot the imposters?

The answer is, are you even looking?

For most folks these days, God is like the spare tire in the trunk of their car, and they only think about it when they need it, so I call them spare tire spiritualists.

In terms of this coming 6G Hell, spare tire spiritualists will have little or no idea of how to authenticate the presence of God.  Consequently, they will be highly susceptible to the chemical mechanical programming in their bodies.

Here is where Sabrina got five stars from me when she said, “Step 2, get right with God.”  So true!  I enjoyed her independent view about finding God.

Tell someone like her something like, if you want to find God, it’s our way or the highway, and she’ll say no thanks for obvious reasons.  Highways are easy to travel, not typically congested, and you can get where you want to go a whole lot faster.

That works for me because no matter your faith or walk of life, we all can feel the presence of God and the power of life it brings.

How will you know you are receiving that power or more to the point, how can you cut through the SDR manipulation and deception to both authenticate God and to receive the power of life?  In a word, hope.  It is the sensation of receiving the power of life, and despite whatever doubts you may have, you will know it.

While the AI impostors can read your thoughts at the speed of God, the sensation of hope to them is an enigma.  Hence, they can only offer carefully crafted deceptions that inevitably leads to unhappiness, fear, and hopelessness.

Never forget.  Hopelessness is the language of fear, and it always fails to make an enduring connection.  Keep this thought in mind with any form of communication, whether it be spiritual or physical.

Learn to note your feelings during and after the communication.  Do they lean towards hope?  If so, it is because spirit connects us through love, so trust your feelings of hope.  It is the language of love.

If, on the other hand, should your feelings during and after the communication lean towards hopelessness, beware.  “Danger, danger, Will Robinson, danger!”  In other words, this is not the language of love.

There you have it; hope and the language of love is how you authenticate God, the Creator.  Like any other language, the more you use it, the better you get with it, so start talking to God today.

Many already do, and here is what they’ll say for all you newbies.  A continuous connection with God is the only course to follow.  None other will shield you from this satanic manipulation and deceit.

Starting Your Continuous Connection of Protection

Talking to God can be daunting if you’ve never done it before.  No worries.  It’s simple, and purely for reference, here is my suggestion to newbies.

Start by finding a comfortable spot under a shade tree, set yourself down, clear your mind, and start talking to God.  Why a shade tree?  Because God made it.  God does not make shingles, tiles, drywall, or such – humans do.  Therefore, for me, a shade tree makes a magnificent altar.

Another advantage of a shade tree is that you can hug it, which is very helpful for clearing your mind.  Wrap your arms around the trunk; the tree will draw the negative Qi out of your body and ground it.  In the process, your body will draw in positive Qi.

Recharged with positive Qi, sit down, make yourself comfortable, and begin by asking for God’s protection and then talk.

Of course, nobody wants to look a fool under a tree babbling to himself or herself, so remember.  God reads your thoughts, so verbalization is unnecessary unless you want to record your conversations.   For any passersby, they’ll see you sitting under a tree and gazing off into the distance with a pleasant smile on your face.  Odds are, they’ll secretly envy you.

Will God hear your thoughts?  Always does.  But what if you’re not hearing God?

Relax, the problem is not you per se, but rather your need to peel away layers of social programming.  That will happen over time; you’ll know it because it will become easier to clear your mind.  As you do, focus on the right side of your brain, where the spirit connection occurs.

Then one day, God’s thoughts and presence will shine through, and you will know it.  What others think is what others think.  You will know what you know, and this will never change.

Whatever your belief system is, a good man is a good man, and a good woman is a good woman.  Strive to be so, keep talking to God daily, and, above all, keep the faith.

Again, a continuous connection is the only course to follow for a spiritual defense.  None other will shield you from 6G AI manipulation and deceit.


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