Your Own World USA is a Globalist Sham

QxYesterday I found an organ harvesting video on that was gut-wrenching.

In the first few minutes, you see a toddler running past, bodies torn open for their organs, crying for her mother and father because she knows she’s in a place of death.

When I watched this video, I was mortified by the sight of this innocent toddler racing past gutted bodies as fast as her tiny legs could carry her and crying out for her parents.

The desperate terror in her voice said it all.  She knew she would come to an equally bad at the hands of these inhuman monsters., October 8, 2021

(WARNING GRAPHIC) A real look at organ harvesting Dark web behind the scenes VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK

Like I said not for everyone.  This is the ugly side of what is going with the Demonic forces running the show.

This video was an early sign of something I predicted back in April of this year., April 26, 2021
The Liberation of Humanity

A terrible vengeance will claim millions if not hundreds of millions and trigger a global freedom movement into action in the months ahead.

One could say The Great Awakening is a three-act play where each of us plays a minor role within it.

God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children.

After publishing this article, Big Tech went to war against me.

Why?  Because I wrote, “God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children.”

Given this and that I’ve been under Big Tech suppression for years, and Dark web videos like this are devastating to the Globalists and their demonic minions because they expose their industrialized horrors.

What did do about it?  They immediately quickly moved to protect these inhuman criminals with classic woke suppression.

When you read the community guidelines, it’s evident that the top priority of this suppression policy is to avoid the wrath of Globalist slavers, human traffickers, and murderers.

Just read their terms of service on this, and it appears they have a piece of the action as well.

Video Blocked

This video is blocked under the following Community Guideline:

Please see the Community Guidelines for more details.

Abhorrent Violence

Defined as real-life non-consensual acts of kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, mutilation, rape or torture. is a UK-based company and what many people do not know is that The Crown, a city-state inside of London, is one of three central originators of Globalist propaganda and misinformation.

As you read through the Prohibited Content section, it is evident that Bitchute has taken a knee to The Crown and the horrific monsters that run it, and this raises a fundamental question.

Is a Patriot Honeypot?

The term “honeypot” has different meanings depending on how it is used.  For example:

In terms of Patriots worldwide, the term “honeypot” has another meaning. is a Patriot honeypot, and the Globalists are using it to track Patriots who must scramble to alternate sources for information. Essentially, is just another way for them to follow and monitor us.

So the next time you use this service, remember, they hate innocent children so much, they do not want the world to see this horror exists because they are evil actors dressed up as a Patriot honeypot.

And yes, no doubt will terminate my account as well.  So be it, because there is something much bigger at state.

It’s About God’s Judgement

The last thing guilty monsters want to see is not damming evidence because they have become so inhuman; it is entertainment for them.

Instead, the last thing they want to see is damming evidence being exposed to the good people of the world, and thanks to Patriot honeypots like, they won this tiny battle but will they prevent the coming war for the end of all slavery?

This very question is why I passed that video link around to several folks I know, and I want to share with you this one replay because it perfectly frames the task ahead:

THIS is WHAT WE Promised to end and MUCH more on the Planet this Lifetime…..Evil continues, because Good Men do Nothing….Edmund Burke…As Cayce States, This is the Last Great War of Good and Evil… – Antonia Lau

The sight of that terrified toddler walking past gutted bodies and crying out for her parents was the voice of God’s judgment upon the evil monsters of this world, and in the end, no matter the suppression, God’s will shall not be denied!

Yes, this horror has been happening for centuries, but there is a new 21st-century twist.  This coliseum of horror can and eventually will, be viewed by billions of good people because where there is a will, there is a way.

Eventually, somehow, someway, it will come out, and so I say in conclusion:

We must take individuals one at a time, but if we cannot love our own species, who in the cosmos will?

Therefore,  we oppose this inhuman horror not because it has been happening for centuries.

We oppose it because we have the power of Heaven to end it once and for all, and how we use that power will be our judgment.


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