Why We Fight No. 3 – Are You Done with the Trump Delusion?

| November 17, 2021

Why We Fight No. 3 – Are You Done with the Trump Delusion?Some Patriots are discouraged and find it increasingly difficult to “trust the plan.”

For them, hearing General Flynn say “there is no plan” rings true as never before, because “the plan” per se, has turned into a long, slow, feeble walk of disappointments.

Likewise, a growing number of Patriots are watching our military going woke and quietly wonder if Trump and Q are only offering false hope to prevent an open civil war?

Granted, it is encouraging to see Truth Social, mandate push-backs from state governments and Durham’s indictments, but the bigger picture remains.  Our institutions and courts have been captured and are now hopelessly corrupt and constitutionally feckless.

The discouraged see what is actually happening and take a more pragmatic view, which is why they often find themselves trapped in what I call the “Trump Delusion.”   That we can be great again – and again – and again.

Six months ago, it could have worked but now, too much damage has already occurred and more is coming and it is unstoppable.

The Trump Delusion

For the discouraged, short of divine intervention, America is an empire in decline, and the ship of state is sinking by the head.

As to the clueless useful idiots and those who say it’s not their fight, here’s the real news.  Like it or lump it,  we’re in it for the species now and everyone has skin in the game, which brings us to the crux of the matter.  The enemy.

Privates win battles and generals win wars, but only communists can lose every battle and still win a war.  They are coming for us and according to their generals, their troops will take no prisoners.   No wonder, discouraged Patriots dispair as they wonder how many barrels of blood will it take to ink this reality into America’s collective consciousness?

Here is where we find the Trump Delusion as I call it.   The perpetual hopium messaging to sit tight and wait for enough of the useful idiots to wake up so we can all come together and take action while there is still time.  Then we’ll be great again.

Like the proverbial check in the mail, this messaging is getting thin, and for three principal reasons:

  1. BRAINWASHING: The Patriots have grossly underestimated the impact of decades of public brainwashing.  Consequently, the second holocaust is a woke stealth apocalypse and nothing can stop this.
  2. HESITATION: The Patriots have only one chance to take down the Cabal and are hesitant to pull the trigger without massive public support. Unfortunately, this hesitancy has given the Cabal sufficient time to launch their global economic collapse and eugenics campaign.  Round one clearly goes to the dark hats.
  3. CHAIN OF FAILURE: Every disaster is an unbroken chain of small failures. This failure chain is already too long and the economic hardships and swelling numbers of vaccine plague victims will shatter the remaining fabric of our lives.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a return to the good old days of MAGA rallies and $2.00 gas, sorry, that ship has sailed.  It’s called WW III and this is the way it is and not the way you want it to be.

What do we do about it?  We become practical and implement a Plan B, which begins with taking Trump off the pedestal.

Adore Your Children and Question Your Heroes

One thought that best expresses The Great Awakening, is that we must question everyone and everything, especially our heroes and most venerated beliefs.

On August 24, 2021, I raised a flag of discontent in my article, Trump Booed as a COVID-19 Vaccine Bully.  The typical reaction was “say what?” Rebuked by Patriots proffering rationalizations and excuses, I dug in my heels.

Why? Because Trump had used Biden’s vaccine talking points nearly word-for-word during his August 21, 2021, Rally in Cullman, Alabama and the messaging on both sides of the aisle was essentially the same: It’s not about choice and your freedoms.  Just take the jab.

I voted twice for Trump, and after that speech, I took him off the pedestal, for a more pragmatic view and wrote about it.  Regrettably, many readers were furious with me for writing that article and voted with their feet.

Was I off the mark?

In an interview after that Alabama rally, General Flynn tactfully expressed his disappointment with Trump’s use of the Biden vaccine talking points, so, it’s your call.

However, what cannot be dismissed or denied is that many expressions of disappointment reached Trump and he took note.  Since then, he is now publicly supporting HZQ and opposes mandates because natural herd immunity is better than vaccines.

These are big changes and good ones at that and the message is simple.  Call them as you see them because nobody is perfect and even heroes need to put their pants on one leg at a time.  Hence the adage, never meet your heroes.

After you go cold turkey on the hopium and take Trump off the pedestal, something grand happens.

You give him the ability to be the guy in the foxhole next to yours.  Even if you dread being downwind of him, you know you’ve got his back and that he’s got yours.  As they say, “do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  If Trump and Q can make good their brags, that’s fabulous.  We’ll take it and show them with attaboys.

In the meantime, a pragmatic view is the only thing to bring any peace of mind, because it is about what is in front of you.  This is how privates win battles, and in the final analysis, we Patriots are all freedom-loving one stripers.  With that in mind, here is the scuttlebutt for all you privates.

Pragmatism vs. Delusion

If you’re looking for a return to the good old days, that ship has sailed as too much damage has already been done to the nation, and the coming vaccine deaths and injuries will be highly disruptive.

Some areas of the country will suffer mightily as others get by, and this brings us to step two in your Plan B.   Where to be so that you’re out of harm’s way.  Not just from natural disasters but man-made ones as well, plus an occasional combination of both.

For example, as a result of decades of social programming, many who have taken the jab will suffer and die in blind obedience to their murderers.  One wonders how many of them will wake up, but not until they take their final breaths.  This is when they will learn the bitter truth of it all.

Those who fear more for their lives than their souls will ultimately lose both, whereas those who fear more for their souls than their lives will survive to inherit the Earth.

For those of you who are ready for a Plan B, you now know the first step.  Favor pragmatism over delusion.

The second step is to find the right place to sit it out and this will be the topic of my next installment.

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