Are Americans Savvy Enough to Stay Free?

| September 10, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QFor those who follow the QAnon decoders such as X22 and PrayingMedic, the current White House strategy is not to stop the Democrats from creating mayhem, but rather, to let it happen.  Only then can Trump show what is happening as opposed to telling us what is happening.

This represents a huge difference in public perception because Trump is letting America feel the pain, in what is beginning to look like the biggest game of chicken in the history of the country.

Those wishing for a resumption of law and order want to see the perp walks, but we’re still waiting for Trump to drop the hammer, and round ’em up – big time.

Consequently, some Trump loyalists are quietly wondering if he’s all hat and no cattle when it comes to draining the swamp on an industrial scale.

In a recent Twitter post by POTUS, Trump states:

10:23 PM – Sep 7, 2020 – Twitter for IPhone

The Real Polls are starting to look GREAT! We will be having an even bigger victory than that of 2016.  The Radical Left Anarchists, Agitators Looters, and just plain Lunatics will not be happy, but they will behave!

That last part of that message, “they will behave,” is the most troubling, because they’re not and we know that.

Ergo, are Trump, and the Patriots are betting the farm on there being enough Americans who are savvy enough to ignore their indoctrination so as to stay free?  This is a fair question for those who follow Q because; we’re not all Baby Boomers.

The Curse of Boomer Nihilism

Boomer grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance each morning in grade school and mandatory civics classes, and here is the bugaboo that has me and others concerned.

This is because Millennials, the children of Baby Boomers, are largely outraged over how their economic future was stolen by nihilistic Boomers, and rightfully so.  Likewise, the same concern remains with subsequent generations, and they are not impressed by the Boomer mantra, “I got mine, you get yours.”

This begs a crucial question about how this country teaches it’s young to protect and cherish their freedoms because, for the most part, they’re being taught to hate America first.

Has the communist indoctrination that has infiltrated our educational system for generations yet to raise its ugly head?  Ergo, can those who have been taught to hate America first see beyond the MSM propaganda?

There are many young conservatives and Trump supporters in these younger generations, and they are magnificent, but there is a concern.  If Boomers are banking on younger generations to be savvy enough to stay free, are we putting all our precious eggs into a terribly broken basket?

This is a critical question because the obvious aim of the Democrats is to create enough mayhem to posit an offer to the public.  If you want peace of mind, get rid of Trump and we’ll give it to you, an easy-to-understand concept for disgruntled Millennials.  After all, Boomers are not the ones burning Portland to the ground, they’re just the ones financing and allowing it.

This raises a real concern.  Have Trump and the Patriots failed to adequately incorporate this reality into their plans, thereby exposing us all to a possible negative blowback from angry generations?  Or, has Trump found a way to compensate for this disheartening generational weakness?

Generational vs. Demographics

Perhaps one reason why the polls are so inaccurate when it comes to Trump is that they are largely generational reporting, whereas Trump is a demographics fighter.

He champions powerful legislation for large demographic groups, for example, diabetics.   This is a smart strategy.  According to the CDC, 34.2 million Americans have diabetes, which means this demographic group covers over ten percent of the population.

Whether the diabetics hate Trump or love him, the fact remains, each one of them has seen a significant improvement in their own lives thanks to Trump’s groundbreaking legislation to control and dramatically lower insulin prices.

This is a conundrum for diabetic Trump-haters because now they have to continue hating a man who has helped them in a powerful way.  One wonders how that will play out.

Other examples include Blacks, Latinos, and Veterans.  Blacks represent 13.4% of the population, whereas Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest minority demographic with 18% of the population.

While Vets account for roughly 8% of the population they are a very active voting group as are the police and the vast majority of Blacks in the country are opposed to the ongoing defunding movement.

So why is this important?

It’s Not About the White House – It’s About the House

Trump’s 2016 base is solid and committed and has grown considerably since Trump was elected.  Ergo, Trump winning the White House for a second term is pretty much in the bag, which is why the Democrats are already conceding that he’ll win by saying that he will not leave willingly after the election.

Given that we’ll most certainly see another four years with Trump, what’s the angle for the Democrats?  Four more years of Nancy Pelosi as well,.  This takes us back to the Millennials and the suburban housewives who voted for Trump but trusted the Democrats to keep their promise to be cooperative in 2018.

Can lightning strike twice in the same way?  In politics, everything is possible and this is the problem because the GOP is still loaded with anti-Trump rhinos and feckless hypocrites in the peanut gallery.

So this comes down to the House and young generations of Americans who have been trained to hate America first or who cannot get beyond their own touchy-feely sentiments.

If we see another four years of Pelosi, we’ll see perpetual violence and aggravation, and while Trump says “they will behave” we know they will not, and likewise, having one party dominate Washington cuts against the grain for many Americans.

This is why it will take savvy voters to understand that this is not an election about personalities.  It is about the kind of nation we collectively desire, because we are at a deadly fork in the road and our real choice will be between communism and capitalism and the problem is, both systems exploit the common man.

If Trump cannot provide the nation with a vision of a more compassionate future with capitalism and Constitutional rights, he will not be savvy.  However, if he does and Pelosi still wins another four years, we will become the victims of a war of attrition by determined communists and America will become a footnote in history.

Bottom line is, our children need to begin saying the Pledge of Allegiance each morning and we must one again team them to love America first.


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