Anunnaki Invasion: Full Interview + Clips

| March 11, 2023

Anunnaki InvasionWhen I produced my new 10-part series, I named it Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO instead of titling it the Anunnaki Invasion.

Both titles are perfect because the series is about an Anunnaki invasion and is very specific about where the big badda-bing badda-bang happens and who gets clipped.

OK, yes, I get it, and for those who are thinking, “don’t I already have enough sh*t on my plate as it is, and now this new pile of sh*t?  Are you freakin’ nuts?  What’s with this?”

Sorry, it’s called the Great Awakening, and yes, it is an awful burden for normies and toilet paper hoarders.

Well, folks, it’s time to embrace the suck, and thanks to Shepard Ambellas of the Ambellas Talk Network, that has become a little easier.  You can also check out his latest shows. – Anunnaki Invasion w/ Marshall Masters

For those of you who are critical thinkers and well into awareness, Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO presents a new advantage.  It connects dots we did not see before.


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