Aliens and Fallen Angels – August 26th, 6 PM ET

| July 25, 2022

Aliens and Fallen Angels - 26-Aug-22Aliens and Fallen Angels is a must-see event for those of you who walk humbly with their God and who have followed my work.

In this event, I finally connect the dots from over two decades of Planet X research and publication.

My topic is Anunnaki Attack 2024, and my presentation features seventy slides.

This presentation goes into depth and features research findings I’ve never publically discussed until now, all of which begs the logical question, “Can you handle the truth?”  In other words, how far are you prepared to go in your ultimate search for truth?

Anunnaki Attack 2024 with Marshall Masters

With Pastor Begley, it’s always pedal to the metal, and this is what makes him so popular with spiritual seekers of truth, and rightfully so.  He’s got the grit to go the distance and does, oorah.  So to give you a little sizzle, I’ll share some backstory.

An Unexpected Turn

When Paul and Heidi first reached out to me, I could see the proposed conference topic was my cup of tea, and I wrote back with an initial topic proposal.

However, as I started preparing, I found something that had been staring me in the face for over twenty years, and I’d always missed it.

Well, folks that put a whole wheel on the wagon, as they say, and this Aliens and Fallen Angels presentation took me in a whole new direction.  Have you ever heard the Q ism, “Future proves past?”

I hope so because that is precisely what happened to me following Pastor Paul and Heidi’s initiation.  It set me on a new path to the big questions of our day, such as.  Who are we, how did we come to be, and can we survive what is to come?  After addressing those questions, we’ll take this topic to a new level.

The transcendent question I’ll answer in my presentation is; who has always been running our world and what are their intentions for us?  Both for good and evil.

Hint, you’ll find them at the top of the power pyramid, and this is the part that will bake your noodle; this is a brother-vs-brother with a 21st-century twist that’s now playing out in the headlines.  Click here to register today.

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