Alex Jones and Planet X

| February 8, 2016

Alex Jones and Planet XOn January 23, 2016, Alex Jones of and, a long time Planet X denier, made a dramatic about face on the topic of Planet X with his video, Planet X Resurges To Wreck Your Retirement Portfolio.

Many who have been following this topic for years are questioning his stance on the topic, which parallels the Planet Nine story line of Mike Brown and CalTech.

I, on the other hand, see something entirely different, something I hope we see a lot more of in the coming days — moments of conscience.

Camaraderie of Conscience

To help put this moment of conscience concept in perspective, I want to begin by sharing with you an interview I recently gave to Ari Kopel of “Shattering the Matrix” on This is because I believe Alex Jones has taken a hopeful first step towards the possibilities of an Ari Kopel and those like her.


I’m being interviewed by wonderful hosts these days who are in awareness and bringing a tremendous amount of interest and accuracy to the topic of Planet X. And I’m grateful for that. It is why when being interviewed by Ari Kopel, I felt a camaraderie of consciousness with a sister in awareness.

Ari Kopel is a graduate of the University of Miami and worked as the assistant to Dr. Robert Jastrow, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Additionally, she is a light worker in awareness, and in service to those who are in awareness, as is clearly obvious in this interview.

My hope for the future is that we see more Ari Kopels in the media, and I believe Alex Jones has taken a positive first step in that direction.

Moments of Conscience Activity on 02-04-2016

It is clear to see in our recent Planet X Signs — Update No. 5 that our mainstream media has been brutally effective in suppressing the full scope of the many disturbing things happening on, and to, our planet at this time.

Until now, complicit media personalities could keep this topic at a clinical arm’s-length, mainly in the interest of furthering their own individual career aims.

Consequently, what we are used to seeing is local news media doing a superb job of reporting record-breaking volcanic activity, earthquakes, floods, wild weather, strange sounds, mass animal deaths, and other unusual happenings in the world today. Then, as those stories filter upwards to the regional, national and world media levels, there is a conscious, if not malevolent, effort to downplay, obscure, demean, and dismiss these stories in the public eye.

However, since last December the pace of these unsettling reports is rapidly increasing. For those in the media who persist in the complicit behavior of suppression, there is an increased likelihood that through exposure to raw and accurate information, they will come into awareness, which is not to be mistaken for perception.

Perception is what enables the clinical arm’s-length view of the topic of planet X so that lies, propaganda, and suppression can be rationalized as necessary.

With awareness, the whole proposition changes, and now you see yourself standing before your Creator at the end of this life. There will be no lawyerly manipulations to evade responsibility for your acts, or to absolve you of them. There will be you, Creator, and your hands — hands that will either be clean, or covered with the blood of innocents.

Therefore, I believe that the Planet Nine story was an awareness trigger for Alex Jones. One that took him away from a clinical view of the topic to a very personal view, a view that touches a person’s spiritual essence. Ergo, one of the first things that happens when we come into awareness is that we experience a moment of conscience, a moment to choose how to respond, with full awareness of the implications of that choice. I believe this is exactly what happened to Alex Jones.


Rather than diving into granular debates about his science, how far along he is in his research, or his current position, let’s give Alex some time to do more research and shape his message, because he is at the start of a long and difficult learning curve.

In the meantime, let us celebrate Alex’s moment of conscience when he became aware of the truth, and decided that he did not want to stand before his God with blood on his hands through being complicit with elitist suppression and propaganda on the Planet X topic.

I encourage all of you who follow my site and my work to take a moment in your day and to send Alex a warmhearted acknowledgment for the courage he has shown to walk humbly with his God.

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