Why We Fight No. 1 – A Majority of One

| August 17, 2021

American Patriot by Deborah SampsonLike a tiny sharp stone in our shoe, a nagging concern I’ve discussed with numerous Patriots is that Trump keeps telling us to take ‘his’ COVID-19 vaccine.

This has become disturbing for many Patriots and in ways most direly. I often hear in soft whispers, “why does Trump keep telling us to drink the Kool-Aid?” It is because of their love for him, the very thought pains them, and few can say it out loud.

This is a dilemma for some or most Patriots because they see Washington D.C. as the Kool-Aid factory of the world so to speak, where both sides of the aisle are pushing an experimental vaccine while they kick proven, low-cost, generic therapeutics under the table. But it gets worse.

Biden wants to mandate vaccine passports for interstate travel in the USA. Want to see the future Dear Reader? Google “internal soviet passport.” To get you started here is a useful tip. Learn how to say here is my passport.

As we have a whole lot of Kool-Aid going on, let’s set the stage.

Acceptable Losses

“Drinking the Kool-Aid” entered the American lexicon after the nation was horrified by a mass murder in Guyana, on November 18, 1978.  Representative Leo Ryan and four of his staff were murdered on the order of cult leader Jim Jones.

What shocked the nation was that 918 commune members obediently drank Flavor Aid laced with cyanide, and then laid down together, and died.  This was before fake news.

Now, the fake news is suppressing the vaccine death numbers which are difficult to pin down.  The best current estimate is that 30,000+ people have died from the jab.

Ironically, there are those who argue that such loses are acceptable given the overall number of people vaccinated and they throw these numbers around like Josef Stalin clones.

My God people stop and think!  We’re also talking about 30,000 victims, 30,000 families and who knows how many friends and co-workers?

If you think I’ve lost my hope for the future, nothing could be further from the truth.

What does matter is that we learn and communicate and before jumping into the article, I want to check out an upcoming 10-episode docuseries, “Vaccine Secrets.”  It looks to be very promising series so please do check it out and register for free.

Now, let’s get to jabbing.

Jabbing the Kool-Aid

“Take the Jab” has become a next-generation Guyana variant.  That’s why “Jabbing the Kool-Aid,” is more fitting.

Patriot voices like Dave of X22 give us elaborate rationalizations for Trump’s jab the Kool-Aid mantra to assuage the concerns I spoke of earlier.

According to Dave, Trump is speaking to the useful idiots on the left, and besides, it’s politically necessary to prevent a five-year shut down of the global economy with the massive death and suffering that would cause.

How does this play with the other Patriots?  Goose eggs.  I agree with them, if Trump would rage against the mandates or say nothing at all, those approaches would be acceptable.

Trump is obviously not doing that and here I speak solely for myself.  This is a burden for many of those who love and fight for him and until he offers a legitimate explanation; he’s only raising more questions of concern, than comforting answers.

On the other hand, conundrums such as this have a useful aspect.  They make us revisit our decision to fight.  At least, that’s how it worked for me.

Why I Fight

There is a great saying in Texas, “Don’t get mad and don’t get even.  Just get your way.”

My way is freedom, so let’s define that.

For all non-sentient life forms, freedom means unfettered migration, nourishment, and procreation.

For sentient life forms such ourselves, it’s that and more, so let me ask you a question about Psalm 23:4.

What do the words “thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” mean to you?

Those with an authoritative view often to think of God are a spare tire.  That like a spare tire, God, only comes to mind when there is a problem.  For them, the meaning of Psalm 23:4 is accurate and straightforward.

The rod is for beating off predators, and the staff is to rescue sheep from their own stupid predicaments.  As for me, this definition is irrelevant.

What matters is how I feel when I say these words, for they are a direct connection with the God of Abraham and to feeling HIS divine and loving presence manifest within you.

How things eventually turn out is on us, which is why we incarnate: To master our free will, and this schooling is essential in the spiritual order of things for three reasons:

  • Freedom is the foundation of free will
  • Free will is the energizing power of intention
  • Intention is what creates universes

Earth may be our planet, but it’s also God’s school, and God is a marvelous tutor when the student is able and willing to learn, which is why we fight for freedom, again and ever again.

God sent us here to learn, and so only one thing matters.  The day we stand before our Creator.  There will be no lawfare, fine print, or golden parachutes on that day, but rather, just us and the complete and unedited truth of our lives.

As for me, when that day comes, I want us both to know that while I’m not a perfect man, I kept the faith.

Now you know why I fight for freedom.  I call this, “being a majority of one.”

Do I suffer my choice?  Yes, and terribly so, but that is for another day as this is not the time for lamentations.

And yes, our nation was blindsided, and ironically, much of it is self-inflicted.  However, this is not the time for these lamentations as well.

The time for lamentations and reflection will come later as it must.  Today, we must be constructive, for now is the time for action.

Our Heroes

To those who are sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a grand divine intervention to happen, all I can say is you’re expecting something Hollywoodesque and looking through the wrong end of the binoculars.

Turn those binoculars around, and what you’ll see is that God is already intervening.  I call them “mini-interventions,” and we’ll need plenty of them in the times ahead because I’ve formed the following preliminary conclusions:

  1. Thanks to the efforts of others, Trump’s votes will be returned to him.
  2. Americans are jabbing the Kool-Aid, as did those poor unfortunate souls in Guyana.
  3. We’re in the information phase of WW3, and living in a communist fish bowl.
  4. America’s disarray is emboldening our enemies, as we lose the respect of allies.

After all the blood and treasure we left in the sands of Afghanistan, Biden snatched a debacle out of the jaws of an honorable departure.  Thanks to his blunder, there is a much higher risk of WW3 going kinetic.

If ever there was a time for new heroes, this is that time, and here is the good news.  It’s happening.  I see it because of what I experienced at the turn of the millennium in Israel.

Go To Masada

I was standing atop the mountain fortress of Masada, the day God enrolled me in a new mission.  It all began while I was traveling to Israel

Time and again, God whispered in my ear, “Go to Masada and look for something important.”  After I agreed to do it, I could get some sleep.

And so it was Masada on a Saturday, and the archeologists were taking the day off.  How fortunate that was because I could explore places where no tourist could go.

I explored every nook and cranny, looking for that something important, but, I could never find it.  Oh darn.

Frustrated, I gave up the search and took note of a group of tourists, and I snuck in to the back of the crowd.  Group guides frown on freeloaders, but this kind young woman let me stay for the last of her presentation and then told the group when to return to the bus.

As the group scattered, she walked up the rock wall at the edge of the fortress, where it looks down upon the old roman camps below.

A curious thought came to mind, and so I joined her to start a conversation.  She told me that she was an Israeli studying to become an archeologist and doing tour presentations to supplement her income.

Finally, I asked her about my curious thought. “One Jew to another, what’s the point of Masada?   What did we learn here?”

She smiled and turned to look me straight in the eyes.  “What we learned here is that you must always have a Plan B.”

The moment she said the words “Plan B,” I felt the divine presence of God enter my body.   It was so powerful I thought I would levitate.  God sent me to find this, and it forever changed my life.  My mission since then is to save lives.

What is my Plan B?  It is all explained in detail in my latest book, Win-Win Survival Handbook.

But more to the point, there is something relevant I’ve learned about being on the same mission for over two decades.  People come, and people go, but the mission endures.

Remember, this is God’s school.  Heroes will come, and heroes will go, but the mission endures because it’s about freedom, and this is why God “encourages” new heroes.

Dear Readers, the good news is that they’re coming, and for me, their willingness to endure terrible travails inspires hope for the future. With this in mind, let me share with you a few recent mini-interventions.

Real Heroes Never Quit

The evil manner in which government and criminals joined to attach and quash Lindell’s Cyber-Symposium was a wake-up call.   Welcome to the information phases of WW3.

Sounds clever but what does that mean in practical terms?

America is sliding face-first down a socialist iceberg into the godless abyss of corporate communism, and we, the “Disenfranchised,” are trying to stop the slide.

This is why the real lesson from this attack on Lindell’s symposium highlights the vast differences between power and force.

  • Power only comes from God as a given right and is limitless.
  • Evil, on the other hand, is about force and temporary privilege.
  • God knows Lindell kept the faith, and so do we.

When I think of Lindell, the word “stouthearted” comes to mind, and it rings true with my dearest quote from The Kolbrin Bible. “The stouthearted will not go down to destruction.”

The other thing that comes to mind when I think of him is an excellent saying from Vince Lombardi.  “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Lindell is no quitter.  He is a hero, and there are other winners too, and Katie bar the door, there is a big fight coming.

Bring It On

In a 44-page memorandum opinion rendered on August 11, 2021, Judge Carl J. Nichols ruled against the motion to dismiss Dominion’s lawsuit by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell (My Pillows, Inc.)

I read the entire decision, and it was even-handed.  A quick way to summarize it is that the left and the DS always get EVERY benefit of the doubt.  All Nichols did was to give Dominion EVERY benefit of the doubt.

As to the rest of us, we get what we get, and now that it is game on, the big question is, can the defendants get a fair trial?

What is the first question every lawyer asks?  Who is the judge?

I looked up the judge online.  Judge Carl J. Nichols assumed office on June 25, 2019, and is a Trump appointee.

Nichols was even-handed in his memorandum opinion.  There will be no political favoritism.  I expect it will be good old-fashioned due process.

For once, a level playing field and if you want to see what Lindell is holding in his hand, watch his video, The Real State By State Numbers Of President Trump’s Victory.  It’s a masterpiece.  As a retired Silicon Valley consultant, I’m impressed with his work.

Lindell Shows The Big Lie

Watch the whole presentation and you will begin to see the magnitude of this.  It’s mind boggling and Lindell is only talking about the Internet vote flipping.  So like they say, “But wait, there’s more!”  All of the paper frauds are going be on top of that.

Like Q says, “enjoy the show” and I think a good title for this one should be: Dominion, the Fly That Captured the Flypaper.

Finally, after SCOTUS hid behind the piano and refused to give the disenfranchised, a voice, this Trump appointee steps up and we finally have standing and the opportunity to submit hard evidence and testimony before a court.  Who knew?

However, as this case plays out, a terrible suffering will come and we must prepare for it.

Prepare for the Pain

We are in The Great Awakening, and everyone comes to awareness through contemplation or pain.  There are no other options.

At present, we’re awakening to pervasive fraud and corruption, and we are fighting back.  However, what is already set in motion and is undeniable is the coming vaccine plague.

For our nation, it will be like walking on thin ice.  Many will be led or forced; to follow those of “trusted” authority far out onto the ice.

Confident voices will instruct everyone not to mind the sound of ice cracking under their feet.   “Its expansion,” they’ll say, “nothing to worry about – totally normal.”

As this will be everyone’s first time on ice, they’ll have little choice but to follow the advice of these “trusted” authorities.

Thus assured, they ignore the cracking sounds because expansion is, after all, a completely truthful statement.  It’s also how the lie begins.

The sky clears a bit along the way, and everyone notices small groups of people off in the distance picking holes in the ice, so they ask their “trusted” authorities about them.

“Delusional fringe lunatics,” they say with disgust, “They think God lives under the ice, so they keep poking holes in it to see him.   As they say, don’t feed the bears.  Just ignore them. ”

That earns a few nervous chuckles, and everyone continues to follow the “trusted” authorities to save their lives.

Regrettably, this shall be the first of three bitter lessons.

The second is that after being led far out onto the ice, their “trusted” authorities vanish.

The third is that ice makes a very different cracking sound just before it fails.  Unfortunately, it’s already too late when you hear it.

As the victims flounder about in deadly cold waters, their desperate pleas ride along with the wind to the ears of their loved ones and many others, and they stow the ice picks they’ve been using to test the ice.

At significant risk to themselves, they form human chains to try and extend their reach the dying, but no matter how hard they try, the dying are always just beyond reach – as planned.

The point here is that those of us who’ve come to awareness through contemplation must help those coming to awareness through pain, not with judgement, but with love.


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