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| November 13, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QThere is an old saying, “the fix is in,” and what we’re now learning is that automation is the enemy of personal freedom.  It gives the elites who fund, own and control these automation systems the ultimate ease in defining personal freedom with true Orwellian efficiency.

What was once a contested national election has turned into a lit fuse that leads directly to a powder barrel of elitist power grab ambitions for worldwide control.  What does this mean for Patriots?

If we win the election, in four years, Americans will be back here again, but with a difference.  We Patriots will be surrounded and outnumbered in a world gone communist.

All this means is that time has come to take this to a whole new level, and the first step is to win the election again and expose the Globalist fake election.  Winning the election for the second time will be a magnificent only-in-America moment, but it will not mean we’ve won the war.

Patriots will understand this, and as they rightly savor the flavor of that victory, they’ll be mindful of what it means to take the initiative and to hold it.

For what are they fighting?  To prevail in what future historians will dub the greatest war in human history.

The Great War to End All Slavery

In February of this year, I first began sensing the winds of war, heralding a global conflict, and followed my instincts.  If it will be a global conflict, who are the good guys, and what will victory look like to them?

Last May, I decided.  Victory will be the end of all slavery, and that includes the tech giants of Silicon Valley have become the new vicious slavers of the information age.  And so, I posted my podcast, The Great War to End All Slavery.

Yowusa.com, May 8, 2020
The Great War to End All Slavery

This program is for all those on the front lines of this international freedom movement. It is to celebrate and explore why we follow Q and how we feel about it.

Download the MP3 Version – Please Share with Others

Marshall has unique shout-outs for Brexiteers, Yellow Jackets, and Patriots and he will discuss 5G vs. Space X, toilet paper, and the Alliance, and a wide range of Great Awakening topics.

If you take a moment to listen to it, you hear a snapshot of the global forces for freedom I saw building six months ago.   I was ahead of the audience back then. Still, now, things are changing, and they’ll begin to change even faster as revelations of human trafficking and crimes against humanity by the Globalist elites are exposed.

Who will do it?  The good guys, of course.

The Good Guys

The election fraud being exposed today has long been expected, but knowing that did not prepare us for what would become the immense scale of it.   Like a sucker punch, it took the wind from us all for a few days, but then, things have slowly started to turn.

As a tsunami builds among the Patriots, this is a precious time with a decisive choice.  Do we study history, or do we repeat it?

Study this.  Historically, the Democrat Party is pro-slavery, and they bitterly opposed the Republican Party’s efforts to free the slaves.  Nonetheless, Republican President Abraham Lincoln won both a national war and an international victory for human rights.

Keep the times in mind as the American Civil War begin in 1861 and ended in 1865.  Back then, there was no Internet.  The first transatlantic telegraph cable was completed in August 1858, and it was primitive equipment, but consider this.  Jay Leno proved that a good telegrapher can send text messages faster than a 10-year old with a smartphone.

Conversely, today’s GOP has incredible technology but lacks the unified will of a GOP capable of freeing the slaves.

Suppose humanity is to win The Great War to End All Slavery. In that case, the GOP must stand firm as it did with the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, where 100% of the Republicans voted, whereas 77% of Democrats voted against it.  Thanks solely to the Republican states carried by Lincoln, the 13th Amendment was ratified.

Today, history calls upon the GOP to honor its heritage.  To do that, we ALL need free and fair elections so that an informed GOP Patriot base can primary out the elites and RINOS.

Likewise, the same is true for the Democrat party.  They need the ability to primary out the communists and Globalists as well.

For both parties, the reason is the same.  If they do not, they’ll bifurcate, at which point the largest minority will be a new Patriot MAGA party, for example, and things will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Tremendous forces are building, and the time is coming when we as a nation, call for free and fair elections.  Instead of being divided by malevolent elites, we join together and realize the greatest strength of the good and stouthearted everywhere.

When respect our differences, they make us stronger together.

Now that we know who the good guys are, what will victory look like to them?  Let me take a shot at what I hope happens next.

What Victory Looks Like

In the coming days, Washington is filled with people.  They’re not self-important scoundrels with bricks and bats; they’re good everyday people who now understand what is at stake.

They wear hats but no masks, and everyone has their colors.  What we see gathered around the White House is a multi-colored sea of caps, and regardless of the color or allegiance, all across this peaceful assemblage, there is a rolling wave of cardboard signs proclaiming three all-inclusive words: “Free and Fair. “

You may wonder, is this grand vision possible?  Yes, and this is not anecdotal yadda-yadda.

Patriots, we have smoking-gun evidence.

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG, 11/11/2020
Dr. (PhD) Cynthia McKinney On Electronic Election Fraud by Diebold & Dominion – STAY THE COURSE!

What will you see when you play the video above?

Dr. Cynthia McKinney is on the left.  A powerful well-spoken black woman, she was a Democratic until 2007, when she changed her affiliation to the Green Party.

On the right, you see host Robert David Steele.  He’s a white, middle-aged conservative guy with this academic thing.  He reminds me of those college professors who know how to rattle your cage.

Nonetheless, tame he is not, and I imagine that in the heated days of voting on the 13 Amendment, the Democrats would have branded Steele as a Radical Republican. For extra nasty measure, an Abraham Lincoln sycophant as well.  Makes me wonder if he’s reading this and asking, “How do I fit that on a coffee mug?”

So there we have it.  A lefty who wants to save the biosphere and the righty who wants to save the Constitution.  What do they have in common?  They are two good people who want the same thing: Truth, justice, and the American way.

Nothing would please me more than standing in the front of the White House side-by-side with Cynthia and Robert.  Of course, we’ll be mere dots in a multi-colored sea of caps, and everyone will be hoisting up a “Free and Fair” sign.

This is the victory in the next step I want to see, but what about the step after that?

If humanity is to prevail in this coming global conflict between good and evil, our bonds must be forged and made strong by the most existential cause of all—the very sanctity of our bodies, thoughts, and choices.  Yes, freedom itself, for it has always been the transcendent human cause throughout time.

These are the good guys, and this is what their victory will look.  The end of slavery once and how does it start?

When we honor our differences and together proclaim with bold determination:

“Free and Fair.”

“Free and Fair.”

“Free and Fair.”


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