The Five Stages of Catastrophism for Those in Awareness


A troubling brew of man-made and natural disasters are pushing today’s headlines from grim to grimmer and many now wonder if the prophecies of global cataclysm are coming to pass.  This is why the ranks of those experiencing precognition through dreams, premonitions and other supernormal means, are soaring.

Created For Those Who Feel Alone in Their Awareness

We live in a country where people subscribed to the notion that a one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind. However, in reality, we live in a country of blind people who scream at us to get a sharp stick and poke out our one good eye, so we can be intelligently blind like they are.

So, are you alone in your awareness and wondering if humanity can endure and prevail all this without fear, dogma and hate?  Then take heart because we can, and this free video program explains why.