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Foot and Mouth Disease — a Harbinger of Biogenetic War
and Eco-terrorism

YOWUSA.COM, 03-June-01
Steve Russell


Human "Cleansing" May Become The First Line of Defence

Many people argue that while our rapid advancements in technology may create deadlier viruses, it also allows new vaccines and drugs to treat them.  This may be true, but an important logical step is missing from that argument. Vaccines cannot be researched and created until after a war-strain virus has been developed and possibly already released.  

We obviously do not have the resources to create vaccines for every possible permutation of viral genetic code that we are capable of manipulating.  For this reason, the applications for terror will always be ahead of those for peaceful purposes. 

Sydney Morning Herald, May 17 2001
Mutant bacteria biowars threaten apocalypse now

Genetic engineers already have it within their grasp to devise a lethal bio-weapon for terrorists and rogue states, the British science publication Nature warns this week. 

They decided to publish their findings in January to draw attention to the potential misuse of biotechnology. 

DNA strandNature warns: "Making subtle genetic alterations to existing pathogens to increase their virulence or durability in the environment, or to make them harder to detect or to treat with drugs, is within the limits of today's technology. 

"With the decoding of a pathogen's entire genome now commonplace, and transgenic techniques advancing all the time, some researchers believe that the sinister potential of biology can no longer be ignored." 

Dr Willem Stemmer, chief scientist with Maxygen, a California pharmaceutical research firm, used one of these techniques to explore how resistance genes work, Nature reports. 

He created a strain of the common intestinal bug Escherichia coli that was 32,000 times more resistant to the antibiotic cefotaxime than conventional strains. He destroyed the superbug in response to the American Society for Microbiology's concerns about potential misuse.

Genetic sequences of viruses are now being steadily released and experts are warning the public and granting funding to even more research. Since the proverbial cat is already out of the bag, we must fight to control it.  In this day and age, information brings the power to control.  But those who are in control remain tight-lipped.

Public Apathy Encourages Information Suppression

The lack of public interest in this threat offers little incentive to a bottom-line conscious media with a voracious appetite for cheaply produced and highly profitable entertainment news. Consequently, governments are under no pressure whatsoever from the media, and are withholding vital information on a need to know basis for populations that are demonstrating an equally an apathetic lack of interest. 

The results of such this apathy have been documented by respected institutions like the Sonoma State University which runs a media analysis web site called Project Censored.

Project Censored
About Us

The Primary Objective of Project Censored is to explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another.

The Essential Issue raised by the project is the failure of the mass media to provide the people with all the information they need to make informed decisions concerning their own lives and in the voting booth.

censored mediaEach year, Project Censored produces a top 25 list of important news topics that were most suppressed from the major media outlets.   

Coming in at No 7 for the year 2000, is a critical report on an independent study of genetically modified food.  This report clearly demonstrates the manner in which a vital story regarding the effects of genetically engineered foods on mammals was suppressed and ignored.  It also shows the power of human apathy and how governments use it to their advantage.

Project Censored
Independent Study Points to Dangers of Genetically Altered Food

In 1998, Arpad Pusztai, a researcher at Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, preformed the first independent non-industry sponsored study analysing genetically engineered food and its effects on mammals. The study had been undertaken to determine whether or not the spliced genes themselves could be damaging to the mammal ingesting them. However, preliminary data from the study suggests something even more startling. The actual process of genetic alteration itself may cause damage to the mammalian digestive and immune systems.

Pusztai's study found that rats fed transgenic potatoes (artificially bioengineered to include a gene from another species) showed evidence of organ damage, thickening of the small intestine, and poor brain development.  

Later, Lancet, the prestigious British medical journal, published a peer-reviewed paper Pusztai had co-authored supporting the research. Prince Charles began to question the safety of genetically engineered foods on his website and became allies with Pusztai. Charles wrote an article in the Daily Mail expressing concerns over the lack of prerelease safety research on genetically engineered foods.

Back in 1992 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had determined that genetically engineered foods were in most cases "the same as or substantially similar to substances commonly found in food" and thus are not required to undergo specific safety tests prior to entering the market. The FDA's policy was a dramatic shift away from the long- standing requirement that companies prove their products are safe.

The U.S. media has not covered the disturbing public health questions raised by Arpad Pusztai's research into genetically engineered potatoes.   This is in large part because the biotech industry has a sophisticated PR apparatus in place that has so far successfully been able to spin the industry's line that genetically altered food is absolutely safe.

There are many similar examples such as this, such as the recent UK government admission that they used Australian servicemen in radiation experiments during the 1950's.  Think of it, it took 50 years for them to admit this, and during their self-imposed silence we can only speculate on the amount of human suffering that created by those secretive radiation experiments.   

Will it be in 2050, that more revelations will come forward of what is being done to unsuspecting members of our population right now?  What could be learned then, provided there are enough us alive at that time with an interest to know, is that there could already be a burgeoning proliferation of biogenetic weapons development efforts worldwide. 

The Proliferation of Biogenetic Weapons

Ranked 16 on the Top 25 Censored Media Stories reported by Project Censored Again, was a London Times report that Israel has developed ethnic-targeted biogenetic weapons targeted for Arab populations. 

Project Censored
Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons

On November 15, 1998, the London Times reported that Israel claimed to have successfully developed a genetically specific "ethnic bullet" that targets Arabs. When an Israeli government spokesman was asked to confirm the existence of ethnic weapons, he did not deny that they had them, but rather said, "we have a basket full of serious surprises that we will not hesitate to use if we feel that the state of Israel is under serious threat."


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Research into ethnic-specific bioweapons was first broached publicly in 1970, when Dr. Carl Larson's article "Ethnic Weapons" appeared in the Military Review. Larson discussed the possibility of utilizing differing races' sensitivity or low resistance to specific compounds (such as lactose intolerance among Asians) as either a bioweapon in itself, or as a "vector" that would allow other poisons or microorganisms to more easily enter a human body when defences were lowered or destroyed. This method was not as surgically accurate as the military might want it to be, since many populations are not completely homogenous. The strange thing about the Times coverage was that it completely ignored this history and the fact that any technology for killing more of the enemy than your own would most likely be (and has been) looked upon with interest by military strategists.

Surrounded by hostile Arab states, Israel is in a fight for its very existence.  During the Iraqi SCUD attacks during Desert Storm, Israel braced itself for the chemical and biological attacks promised by Saddam Hussein.   To their credit, the Israeli leaders took active steps to protect the civilian population by issuing gas masks to the whole population. 

Fearing US retaliation by then President George Bush, Saddam Hussein did not employ his vast stockpiles of chemcial and biological weapons against Israel or the coallition forces.   But, a threat made by a blood crazed mad man with the powe of a national arsenal at his command, is a threat remembered.  Given the collapse of the U. N. effort to elminate Saddam's ongoing weapons of mass destrruction research and manufacturing programs, the threat is even more severe.

Simply put, if your avowed enemies do one thing and say another, then to play by arbitrary rules of fairness is a fools game. You do whatever it takes to minimize or eliminate the threat.

To this day, Israel continues to deny that it possesses nuclear weapons.  However, leading military observers estimate Israel's nuclear arsenal contains at least two hundred nuclear warheads.  Given that it could face biogenetic weapons, it would only be logical for Israel to add this capability to their defence arsenal as well. 

But, are ethnically targeted biogenetic weapons really feasible? 

Know Thy Enemy

The term "know thy enemy" has gone far beyond the strategic and tactical sense where troops, weaponry, battle lines and so forth dominate. Now, it includes the enemies very own genetic makeup, and this possibility was confirmed a few months after the London Times article detailing a period of opportunity that we could now be entering.

AFP, Jan 21 1999
"Ethnic-Cleansing Weapons" within 10 years: report

LONDON - Advances in genetic research raise the possibility of biological weapons, available within 10 years that would attack one ethnic group but leave others untouched, according to a report published Thursday.  

The report "Biotechnology, weapons and humanity" by the BMA, which represents all Britain's doctors, predicted their existence within "five or 10 years" and warned of their attractiveness to terrorists.

Even if this is so, can a tiny country like Israel posses the capability to manufacture an ethnically targeted bioweapon? Yes!

Since 1987, a flood of Soviet trained Jewish scientists have emigrated to Israel from Russia. A fact sadly noted by Russian heads of state like Gorbachaev and Yeltsin, because these same Jewish scientist led and participated in key research efforts in both military and civilian areas. 

After leaving Russia, they arrived in Israel with an undying allegiance as well as a critical body of knowledge. Evidence of that is readily observable with any Internet search engine.  Enter "genetic+research+israel" and hit the return key.  Rest assured the search results will be most impressive.

What really brings this point home, is that the victims of the latest disco bombing in Tel Aviv this weekend, were the young teenage children of those same immigrants.

If the present hostilities in the Middle East escalate into a full-scale regional war, Israel may face the bleak prospect of being totally annihilated by being overrun by large conventional tank armies. In which case, they will be forced to use their weapons of mass destruction, which could result in one of the largest biogenetic attacks in human history that could decimate Arab populations throughout the region. 

But, this could only be one incident amonst many, and carried out by enemies who up till now could only taunt us from the safe distance of a news television camera.

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As they used to say in WWII, “if you're not taking flak, you're not over the target.” There is no doubt that the PlanetX101.com series is over the target because debunkers are throwing up everything they can, including the kitchen sink. In this video, Marshall debunks these debunkers with the very science and facts they do not want you to know.




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