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Could NASA Use Galileo to
Create a Jovian Nagasaki?

YOWUSA.COM, 07-September-03
Jacco van der Worp


Chain Reaction

In the bombing of Nagasaki, the Americans used only 7 kilograms of Plutonium. 1.2 kilograms of that went into fission, which gave the explosion a equivalent force of 22 kilotons of TNT.





Hypothetical, LWR Pu

1-20 kton

~ 5-7 kg RG Pu

0.05-1 kg

Trinity test, 1945

20 kton 

~ 6 kg WG Pu

1 kg

Totem I test, 1953 

12 kton 

~ 80% Pu-fis

0.7 kg

Hiroshima, 1945

12 kton

~ 50 kg HEU*

0.7 kg

Nagasaki, 1945

22 kton

~ 7 kg WG Pu

1.2 kg

Thermonuclear bomb

~ 1000 kton



Source: About plutonium bombs

Not all of the Plutonium did fission, because after a small part of it had gone into fission, the outward pressure of that energy release caused the rest to become spread out, making it go sub-critical again. If you have a block of Pu-238 sinking into the atmosphere of Jupiter, the atmosphere will compress it ever stronger, the outward pressure will have a lot more trouble overcoming this compression, in the worst case all of the Pu-238 might go into reaction. If we extrapolate the table above linearly, about 18-20 ktons are released per kilogram of Plutonium fully fissioned, then a maxium explosive yield of some 400 ktons could come from 48 pounds or 21.7 kg of Plutonium.

Not all of the Plutonium will go of course, the explosive energy will be much lower, but 100 ktons lies well within possibility. In an explosion of that magnitude, what could be the temperature that is reached?

"The world enters the nuclear era" by Antonino Spoto

Planning, use and consequences of the first atomic bombs.

If in half kilogram of uranium every atom had to split up, the energy produced will be equal to the explosive power of 10.000 tons of TNT. In this hypothetical case, the efficiency of the explosion would be of 100%; in the first tests of the A bomb, this efficiency was never reached. For the detonation of the atomic bombs have been set more or less sophisticated launchings systems. In the simplest system, a bullet of fissile material is shot against a target of the same material, in way that the two masses are united in a supercritical whole. The atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima on August 6 1945 was a weapon of this type, of the power of around 20 kilotons.

A most complex method, said "implosion", is used in a weapon of spherical conformation. The most external part of the sphere consists of a layer of lenses of common high potential explosive, prepared in way to assemble the explosion toward the center of the bomb (implosion). At the center, there is a core of fissile material that is compressed to the inside by the powerful wave of direct pressure; the density of the metal results increased with consequent production of a supercritical configuration. The bomb of the test of Alamogordo and also that dropped over Nagasaki on August 9 1945, both with a power of 20 kilotons, they were of the implosion type. Independently from the method used for getting a supercritical whole, the chain reaction proceeds for around a millionth of second, freeing enormous quantities of thermal energy. The so rapid liberation of such energy in a small volume increases instantly the temperature to about ten million of degrees. The rapid expansion and vaporization of the material that constitutes the bomb gives origin to an explosion of extreme power.

After only a millionth of a second, the pressure causing the implosion was overcome above Nagasaki. If such an explosion were to take place in the Jovian atmosphere instead of Earth's, the outside pressure would resist the expansion a lot longer! The chain reaction could continue longer, up to three times as long perhaps, as high as 30-50% fission rate could be achieved instead of 16% and the reaction temperature could shoot up to beyond 100 million degrees. 

SunThe threshold temperature for sustained fusion is not as high as that. The exact conditions for fusion depend on a product of pressure, temperature and amount of atom nuclei able and ‘willing' to fuse together (isotopes of hydrogen with neutrons in them and helium missing a neutron) into other atom nuclei.

The Sun is estimated to have a core temperature of 15 million degrees. It runs on fusion and the pressure inside amounts to millions of bars. Chemically, the Sun and Jupiter are not that different: the Sun also mainly holds hydrogen and helium. The pressure inside Jupiter will then determine if a fusion reaction can start up due to a nuclear explosion. If the product of pressure and temperature and number of fuseable nuclei is reached, a fusion reaction will start.

The moment fusion starts, all bets are off. There is no telling what will happen then, if the fusion will sustain itself or fizzle out again and how long that will take. Is Jupiter heavy enough to keep the reaction going? It is not heavy enough to have spontaneous fusion or we would have a binary star system already, but 200 ktons may provide the trigger it cannot provide itself.

The Possible Result of a Jupiter Ignition

If Jupiter ignites, it may throw out a portion of its atmosphere in a shockwave as most starting stars do. This starting star however will then be too close for comfort. A portion of that shockwave will then hit Earth too, its results will be beyond imagination. Millions of tons of hot hydrogen will impact the atmosphere hitting it with 1000 km per second. It will result in an ELE category event at best due to intense global aurora and a bombardment of X-rays everywhere that may last for days to weeks. The survivors will be sterile or die from all kinds of radiation-induced diseases.

After Marshall Masters' latest article CONTACT!  Canadian Crop Circle Researcher Matt Rock Identifies the Constellation Pisces as Point of Origin for English Formations we had one of our many chats on ICQ, as a bit of discussion, or brainstorming sometimes. I'll quote from that chat:

Jacco: I wonder why now, why now make contact. On the other hand it's logical..

Marshall: We are on the verge of taking weapons into space.  They have to contact us now. This is not optional.

Jacco: Taking weapons into space... no.  We're about to dump a spent nuclear fuel reactor into Jupiter. Without properly realizing what the consequence may be.


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Marshall: Now you've got it. this is a good tie in for your article.

Jacco: If things really hit the worst scenario, we are going to f***ing wipe ourselves out this way...

Brings to mind one of the big scenes of T2, the moment before Linda Hamilton dozes off. The boy and the Terminator are packing and they see a couple kids playing war... The boy says to the machine:" We're not going to make it, are we?.."

Marshall: Yes. Now you're seeing something because we now have the ability to create havoc in the cosmos.

Jacco: Havoc... Kill most life in our Solar system. Europa would be gone, Mars would be toasted and we'd be on the verge of extinction ourselves.

It hit both of us almost at the same time, basically the circles started appearing the moment the Galileo mission headed on a one way trip to Jupiter back in 1989. It may be a coincidence, but it is an uncanny one for sure. A logical approach could be: if you were quietly watching and studying a seemingly intelligent and self-aware alien life form doing something this stupid to its environment, would you tell them?  The answer to that may very well be lying in the crop fields around the world. 

NASA Is Taking an Titanic Risk

Let's all keep in mind that NASA has lost two shuttle crews because of its own internal political problems.  This is not an enviable track record and it would send any commercially viable international air carrier into immediate bankruptcy.  However, NASA does not have to justify itself to paying customers and stockholders, and so the void between taxpayers and politically-minded administrators is both huge and dangerous.

That being said, NASA decision to hurl the spent Galileo spacecraft along with its plutonium could be the worst.  Sending Galileo into an environment mankind does not know enough about is equal to playing Russian roulette on a planetary scale. This to me is truly unbelievable, it should be unacceptable to everyone in the world!

NASA does not know, nor can it know, how long the satellite will last in the Jovian atmosphere, how high the pressure on the Plutonium will rise and whether the Plutonium will be crushed together to form one mass or stay apart in pellets.  Still they are taking the risk of plunging Galileo into Jupiter. There cannot be a scientific base for it other than guesswork. 

So, what if nothing happens.  After all the statistics favor NASA's decision — for now.

There is only one bullet in the pistol cylinder but if you pull the trigger often enough, you'll die, for sure.  NASA has pulled the trigger a few times already , so far nothing happened.  The Plutonium bullet however may now be up in the chamber.  If this goes wrong, even though the chance of it is remote at best, it will affect all of us, not just NASA.

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