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The Sagan Continuation Project: Sending Contact Messages via the Internet for Free

Founded September 2003
Marshall Masters, Founder

yowusa.com/scpThe mission of the all-volunteer Sagan Continuation Project (SCP) is to continue the outbound contact efforts of astronomer Carl E. Sagan by using the Internet to repetitively beam a reply message into space via our immense network of communication satellites.

The 29-word outbound Internet SCP contact message was composed by computer consultant and SCP founder, Marshall Masters.

The SCP contact message is designed to use the lingua digital of the World Wide Web as the communication medium via communication signals radiating into space, beyond the many communication satellites presently serving the Internet.

Maurice Osborn's 2004 SCP Contact Message

Help Make Contact By
Using The Internet for Free

To participate in this free, all-volunteer program, simply include the SCP contact message in your E-mail and web pages:

We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL.  If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves.  There is GOOD HERE too.  WE LOOK for a reply,

If you have your own web site or personal home web page, you can also send this message without displaying it by including it as a non-display comment line in the header section of your HTML pages as shown in the example below:

<!We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL. If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves. There is GOOD HERE too. WE LOOK for a reply,>

Sagan Continuation Project LogoIf you wish, also please feel free to use the Sagan Continuation Project logo. When your E-mails and web pages are sent through the Internet, this message will be broadcast into space as it is being bounced off our orbiting satellites.

The more who choose to participate, the more often the digital pattern message will be transmitted into space, and the more likely this recurring transmission pattern will be recognized beyond our world.


You're Not Alone! Join with Like-minded
Others on the Planet X Town Hall

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This Is Not a First Contact, Because
First Contact Has Been Made

Carl Sagan's Golden Record and Arecibo MessageOn the afternoon of November 16, 1974, astronomer Carl Sagan sent the first digital outbound contact message into space using the Arecibo telescope, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope. Sagan, who also crafted the 1975 Viking and 1977 Voyager contact message used a symbolic picture 23 characters wide by 73 long to form the 1974 Arecibo contact message.

In 2001, a reply to Sagan's 1974 Arecibo contact message in a field adjacent to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope in Hampshire, England.

Crop Circle Connector
Chilbolton Radio Telescope
Near Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Reported Sunday August 19, 2001

Chilbolton 2001 "Photograms"


This formation created a great swirl of controversy in 2001, which resulted in a floating parade of hoaxers and debunkers on our television sets and web sites, telling us that this formation was anything but genuine.

This left a cloud of doubt over the 2001 Chilbolton Reply to Sagan's 1974 Arecibo contact message, as many wondered if the 2001 Chilbolton formation was a matter of idle speculation or fact. 

Or more to the point, are we still equivocating because the truth frightens us?  If so, what is that truth, and what will take for us to see it?


Lighting Strikes Twice — A Second
Reply To Sagan's 1974 Arecibo
Contact Message Appears in 2002

There is an old saying that lighting never strikes twice.  However, scientific studies have clearly shown that it can and does.  In a similar vein, a second reply was received here on Earth to Carl Sagan's 1974 Arecibo contact message in a crop circle formation that appeared in Crabwood England on August 15, 2002.

Crabwood 2002 FormationIn terms of sophistication and message content, the Crabwood formation remains the most important crop circle formation ever witnessed on Earth. 

Further, the glyph of the binary disc in the formation uses the exact same binary coding sequence used by Carl Sagan's 1974 Arecibo and 1977 Voyager contact messages.

Within hours after this formation appeared, a translation of the message by 2 anonymous authors was published by the Earthfiles.com web site, and it proved to be a clear disinformation fraud designed to negate the true significance of this formation with unnecessary controversy.

During his 3-hour interview with Coast To Coast AM host George Noory in May 2003, YOWUSA.COM publisher and SCP founder Marshall Masters, explained that Earthfiles.com site was cleverly duped by disinformation operatives who cashed in the confidences they'd acquired from the site owner through the sharing of truthful (but not sensitive)  information. When this formation appeared, they capitalized on this trust and were able to use the Earthfiles.com site owner as unwitting (but all too eager) broadcaster of this highly successful disinformation ploy.

Is this speculation? Consider this; the Earthfiles.com site owner has yet to reveal the names of these anonymous authors. Also, consider this; as a former member of an armed forces information office, Marshall Masters was taught early on that the difference between good disinformation and bad disinformation is that good disinformation always gets the benefit of the doubt. To this day, these 2 anonymous Earthfiles.com authors and their disinformation ploy continue to receive the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, it is also fair to point out that YOWUSA.COM was also eager to publish an accurate translation of the message contained in the 2002 Crabwood formation.

YOWUSA.COM, August 18, 2002
Crabwood Formation Offers Clear
Evidence of Contact Event
Upon close examination of the Crabwood formation, it becomes readily apparent that the four aspects of workable protocol are offered: Data structure, error checking, send complete and receive confirmation.
With the Crabwood formation, this elaborate setup scheme is most likely not used.  Rather, it appears that the data is presented quickly and simply where the binary ones and zeros represent the actual black and white pixels used to form the image of the alien.
Binary Pattern Comparison
It is important to note that a final determination requires much better imagery and aggressive analysis. This is why we are making our plea that the formation not be plowed-under until it can be properly photographed.

However, in the summer of 2003, an accurate translation of the message was deciphered by computer software developer and crop circle researcher Maurice Osborn.

YOWUSA.COM, 03-May-2003, 03-July-2003
Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?

Maurice OsbornUsing the binary numerical representation method embedded in the 1974 Arecibo message created by Drake and Sagan, Osborn performed a careful analysis of the 2002 Chilbolton glyph and translated it using ASCII code as follows:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING,"

In the context of this project, the significance of the formation is that it uses a combination of the binary coding system transmitted into space by Carl Sagan in 1974 and the ASCII lingua digital of the Internet to convey the message on the disc. 


Contact Is Now Undeniable

In 1974, Carl Sagan transmitted a contact message into space and this message has been replied to twice in the fields of England August 2001 and August 2002.

Inspired by the fact that these 2 replies to Sagan's 1974 contact message are real, Maurice Osborn will travel to England in August of this year to create a contact message using a man-made crop circle and the message you beamed into space the very moment you accessed this web page:

We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL.  If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves.  There is GOOD HERE too.  WE LOOK for a reply,

Maurice has also completed a new video detailing exactly how he is going to create his crop circle in England this coming August using the sophisticated computer program he wrote and shares freely with others.

If you still have any doubts that the 2002 Crabwood formation is genuine, you need to watch Maurice's latest video that details the process of using his computer program to make a crop circle.  After viewing it, you'll see that it would be impossible for debunkers or hoaxers to recreate the 2002 Crabwood formation in a single evening, let alone a single month!


To Find Knowledge, You Must Be
Willing To Leap Over Your Beliefs

Most of humankind is unable to accept the possibility that we are not alone and that contact has been made because our cosmic view is limited by our own Earth-centric orthodoxies.  Our monotheistic religious orthodoxies tell us that we were created by a non-corporeal God, while our funding-driven scientific orthodoxies tell us that we evolved from subordinate corporeal creatures.

As with all things, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle, and that truth could be revealed to us through species-to-species contact with one extraterrestrial race or more. A prospect that terrifies most of us, but why? It is because down deep inside each of us is something we know, sense or avoid. Perhaps is it is we, who are the aliens!

If we are truly are committed to finding the real truth of this matter, then let us go forward with Carl Sagan's insightful advice in mind:

"We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies. But to find the truth we need imagination and skepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact."

When waiting for results, let us remember that Carl Sagan sent the first digital outbound message in 1974, and it was not answered until 2001, so patience and determination are going to be the keys to success, but you never know unless you try.

Your call to duty, should you accept it, is to include the SCP contact message within your E-mails and web pages at no cost to you.

We WELCOME all who RESPECT our FREE WILL.  If you CHOOSE to HELP, then help us to help ourselves.  There is GOOD HERE too.  WE LOOK for a reply,

Do you feel that you might be taking this too seriously and you're now tempted to bury your head in the ignorant sands of scorn.  If so, keep in mind that crop circle researcher Maurice Osborn is going above and beyond the call of to duty to build crop circle in the fields of England this summer using the SCP contact message at his own expense!

For you, this step is free and only requires a modicum of effort, so please take action today by broadcasting your first SCP contact message into space with your E-mail and web pages.


Crop Circle and UFO Videos by Maurice Osborn

Maurice OsbornMaurice Osborn is an independent crop circle and UFO researcher. His work was instrumental in bringing about the creation of The Sagan Continuation Project (SCP) by Marshall Masters of yowusa.com.

The mission of the all-volunteer SCP is to continue the outbound contact efforts of astronomer Carl E. Sagan by using the Internet to repetitively beam a reply message into space via our immense network of communication satellites. GO


Planet X 101 Series

Our 5-part, Planet X 101 series, comprehensive information about the approach of the Planet X system and what that means for humanity in the years to come. Based on science, hard data and years of observations, this is the fastest and simplist way to immerse yourself in the topic.

Use the Playlist dropdown menu in the upper right hand
corner of the player to select the desired episode.

Planet X 101 Playlist Contents - PlanetX101.com

This playlist is organized in chronological order. If you are new to the topic, we suggest you click the Play All button to begin with first episode in the series, Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Watching all five episodes, takes approximately 3.5 hours and the depth of information presented is the equivalent of a personal research effort, of three years or more.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How - October 28, 2013 [1:01:21]

This is the best starting place for those new to the topic of Planet X, because if presents a foundation understanding of the topic. It explains the various names used to describe these objects and offers a comprehensive history of the topic dating back to 1781 through to the present. For newbies, it is a real time saver, because it condenses months if not years of personal research for most, into a one-hour presentation.

Deep Impact- May 30, 2014 [0:19:59]

This video features an in-depth analysis of fireball observation statistical trends as published by the American Meteor Society (AMS). What you will see is a clear upward trend in large fireballs and bolides that has been steadily building since 2009. Given that oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface, if this trend does not reverse itself soon, it is likely that we will witness a deep impact event in the near future. Such events generate catastrophic tsunamis such as the one depicted in the film Deep Impact (1998).

Nibiru Nearing - June 8, 2014 [0:42:09]

We present several observations of two bodies in the Planet X system. Nemesis the small brown dwarf companion to our own sun and it's outermost orbital, Nibiru (Planet X, Hercobulus.) Nibiru has been imaged from surveillance cameras in Costa Rica since 2010 and in this video, observations in the USA from 2013 and 2014 are also presented. All of these observations place these two bodies in this system in or near the constellation Ophiuchus, exactly as predicted by Nostradamus.

Pole Shift - June 8, 2014 [0:50:00]

For those new to the topic, this program offers recent observations of the Planet X system bodies, the Nemesis brown dwarf and its outermost orbital, Planet X. It offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the celestial mechanics involved in the coming pole shift a how these two bodies in space will gain a lithosphere lock on the outer skin of our planet, thereby causing a great tribulation for Earth.

Proof of Nibiru - June 17, 2014 [19:29]

As they used to say in WWII, “if you're not taking flak, you're not over the target.” There is no doubt that the PlanetX101.com series is over the target because debunkers are throwing up everything they can, including the kitchen sink. In this video, Marshall debunks these debunkers with the very science and facts they do not want you to know.




Spiritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

piritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DDWhen preparing for a global cataclysm, we all start by thinking about the obvious: beans, bunkers and bullets.

What most do not see is that not only will our bodies and minds will come under a whole new range of stresses, so will our spiritual selves.

We all have to deal current concerns such as psychic sponge syndrome, social programming, psychic vampires, astral entities and more.

In a cataclysm, we'll be confronted by these same concerns, but with one difference-they'll be exponentially worse. That's why we need to up-armor our spiritual selves and the first step is with auras, the ultimate spiritual friend or foe recognition system.

To help us take the first big step, Susan Shumsky, DD author of The Power of Auras: Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being, is going to help you with keen insights and powerful affirmations. GO



"Preparation is not a place or a time. It is a state of mind and only innocents and fools wait for others to keep them safe and to take action first."-Marshall Masters

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