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A Hitchhiker's Guide to
the "Free Energy" MEG

YOWUSA.COM, 25-June-02
Jacco van der Worp


How the MEG works

Now we come to the crux of the whole system, the reason why it works in the first place.  The driving force in our large, lake-sized rain barrel was the force of gravity. That made the water that falls at some distance away from our hose move towards the initial siphon point and in turn caused the water to run through the siphon.  In this case, gravity is the restoring force of the water level of our lake-sized rain barrel as it makes the water level go horizontal again. 

This force and the correction mechanism attached to it have an equivalent in the magnetic arena.  That force is the magnetic vector potential.  If we look at the MEG, we see that it converts an energy flux that was stored in such a vector potential outside a closed magnetic field path. (Whoa, wasn't that a mouthful.  Let's break it down into more simpler terms.)

OK, So What is a Vector Potential Anyway?

To explain vector potential, we need to use something other than a rain barrel, but it must be familiar so why not the energy we use in our homes to run our computers, hairdryers, etc. 

We all know about the electrical potential across the two wires of a wall outlet.  This electrical potential is what makes a light bulb burn.  If we're not careful with the outlet we could also find ourselves flat on our back as our family members frantically call for an ambulance. Thankfully though, the US, the electrical potential is 110 volts, which was chosen because it is not as lethal as the 220-240 volts standard found in most of the other countries in the world. 

However, if we combine the numerical value of this electrical potential with a direction, we have a vector potential.  In the case of our 110-volt outlet, if we change the direction from say the horizontal to the vertical, we can double our potential to 220 volts.  Therefore, direction is important for the creation of any magnetic field; they all emerge from a magnetic vector potential where direction plays a critical role. 

The following illustration compares the MEG with our rain barrel example for a very general layman's understanding of how the MEG works and why the magnetic vector potential is so important. (Please keep in mind a precise explanation would require an article several times the size of this one, so we'll just paint our picture with broad liberal brush strokes for now.) 

MEG and Flux Siphon

  • (A) An outside reservoir waits until the system is brought into motion and then starts to work to restore the balance that is broken by sucking the siphon hose. For the rain barrel it is the rain filling the barrel back up, for the MEG it is the vector potential converting its energy into magnetic field inside the closed path.
  • (B) This adds an extra field to the magnet field inside the closed loop. 
  • (C) In essence the actuators work like the siphon hose in our rain barrel example and by changing the direction of the water it creates an outside vector potential. 
  • (D) Consequently, the closed path starts to interact with the magnetic field inside, to compensate for the change in the situation.  It gives energy to the magnetic field inside the closed path.
  • (E) We can then tap that energy from the collectors and we find that more electrical energy comes out the collectors than the amount we put in through the actuators.  So energy from the vector potential field outside the closed path is ‘flowing towards the siphon' to correct the ‘field level' again.  If we lead part of this energy back into the actuators again, the rest of it is free flux! Free flux?

With the MEG energy flux actually becomes the result product or output instead of a waste by-product as with fossil fuel powered systems like car engines What used to be waste is now useful output, just like today's electricity drawn from the net to light our houses.

In that respect, the MEG forms a new way of looking at energy flux and if you happen to install a MEG next to your home, it will require far less energy to provide you with far more electricity.  Consequently, your energy costs will come down considerably. 

Why The MEG is Commonly Misunderstood

The MEG uses an input energy flux to convert a far greater amount of thus far unusable energy flux into a controllable and more convenient form. This can leave some folks scratching their heads because this is a whole new twist on flux. For those who are familiar with the principles of conservation of energy this represents a paradigm shift in thinking that can defy years of heavily instructed thought about closed systems.  And here is the rub.  The rigid principles of conservation of energy apply only to closed systems such as automobile engines, whereas the MEG is an open system.

Because the MEG is an open system, it can turn flux into output because it is a system out of balance with the world around it and therefore constantly interacting with the environment around it!  This way, it may result in a COP that is far greater than unity. 

Another factor that makes it difficult for conventional thinkers to understand the MEG is that it does not use the Lorentz Gauge.

When Tom Bearden and his team of researchers discovered the principles behind the MEG when they chose to omit a commonly known calibration of an electromagnetic system, the so-called Lorentz Gauge.

The Lorentz Gauge is essentially a free choice of values for given parameters of an electrical system; this free choice makes mathematics simpler.  At the same time however it discards a range of interesting (as it turns out now) solutions to a set of equations describing the same system.  This range is the range of non-equilibrium states.

By keeping the MEG just off-equilibrium (out of balance) all the time, we can use it to pull a tremendous amount of energy out of a so far unusable reservoir into a convenient form.  In essence, this is what the MEG is about.

Potential Problems With the MEG

We know that the MEG works, but it is also of interest to see just how much it can do.  Most of you will likely be interested to know if a MEG can power a home.  Can we scale it up without a limit, or could one such device even power a city?

The scale of many devices is only limited by practical design questions.  The MEG needs a permanent magnet as well as a nano-crystalline material completely confining the magnetic field loops that leave this magnet.  It also needs input and output coils.  Electrical currents running through wires will produce heat, which will have to be dealt with at a high enough pace, but other than that, the potential size and productivity of the system is virtually unlimited.  This type of generator should a priori be scalable to city-block level.

There are, however, possible side effects to its operation, which we want to take a closer look at before starting to operate a MEG for a city.


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A few problems might exist for the MEG.  Right now, it is uncharted territory, but we need to consider the possibility that above a certain level, the vector potential field cannot rearrange its energy fast enough for the working conditions to remain intact, thereby causing the MEG to fail.  To fully illustrate this possibility, let's revisit some of the basic terms we discussed earlier in this article.

Magnetic Fields

The energy stored in the magnetic field and the vector potential field may interact with conducting materials outside the MEG as well, generating secondary magnetic fields and electric currents.

There's more.  As energy leaves its surroundings, new energy comes flowing back in.  We do not know if the pace of that is bound to a limit. It may have side effects that are currently unknown to us.  Some pessimistic reactions have even spoken of an alteration of the space-time continuum surrounding the MEG.  That would be a serious consequence indeed, but we have seen no proof of it so far.

Besides the argument presented above there is the coil material that is supposed to fully contain the permanent magnet's field and the additional field generated during interaction.  A bigger MEG will also need a stronger magnetic field.  Just how much can the coil material take before the field starts to break up the material itself?  This bigger MEG may need superconducting materials to gain that stronger magnetic field.  There will be additional conditions that are imposed by that material.  We need to maintain that superconductivity to prevent damage to the material. 

However, stronger magnetic fields do pose a health risk.  For this reason, most people do not want to live under or very near high voltage power lines.  They carry strong electromagnetic fields around them as well. It is however possible to shield magnetic fields.


If someone were to switch off the input signal to a large MEG, the field may not die away instantly, which would result in a field spike as it follows suit to the signals.  Then EM pulses may arise, which are (very) destructive to all electronic equipment.  These EM pulses are so destructive in fact, that some nations have conducted extensive research into their possible application as a weapon.

A Faraday cage would form the "dike around the lake" for the MEG. This is a metal case enclosing the magnetic field plus the MEG completely.  With the exception of strong EMP effects it will keep a semi-steady field contained so that no outside negative effects will occur.  So in the course of normal operation, the MEG can be shielded quite easily.  The worrisome moments occur when switching the MEG on or off.  How will the shielding affect the ability of the vector potential field energy to replenish itself as energy leaves the unit?

We Need to Proceed With Caution

Concluding, we can say that the MEG is a means to pour energy from a tremendous reservoir with remarkable little effort.  The result is almost limitless energy at practically no cost. The only drawback known in the current state of research is that on a large scale nasty, hard to control side effects may rear their ugly heads.  Therefore while the MEG represents a ground breaking and innovative new technology it should not be rushed to market without exhaustive testing. 

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