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It's Time to Look Up

Yowusa.com, June 13, 2014
Marshall Masters
J. P. Jones

It's Time to Look UpAfter publishing our video PX101: Nibiru Nearing on June 8, 2014, we were saddened to see an immediate suppression reaction by our own government.

A heavy-handed move to block all future observations of Nibiru via the surveillance camera located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.

Now that we have smoking gun proof of suppression.

The Smoking Gun

Turrialbe Suppression Composite - yowusa.comAs the old saying goes, “a picture is worth 1000 words.”

To illustrate the malicious nature of this suppression, the composite image shown to the right, documents the chain of events.

The first three capture images were used in our video PX101: Nibiru Nearing, released on June 8, 2014.

These three images were all taken in the month of January 2010, 2013 and 2014 with different camera systems.

The First Camera System

The first camera system operated from 2010 to January 2012.

It was a standard definition camera, but featured a very good lens and imaging system.

In January 2012, the camera was disabled during an eruption event at the Turrialba volcano.

For the better part of that year, there was no camera coverage at the volcano until December when the second camera system was installed.

The Second Camera System

The second camera system was far superior to the first, with high definition resolution and an excellent lens and imaging system.

It was superb for viewing images of Nibiru and several captures from this camera feed were featured in our video Object of Interest As Seen From the Turrialba Volcano, released on February 11, 2013.

It is important to note that these first two camera systems were paid for, and installed, by the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional.

This is because in May 2013, the second camera system was disabled during another eruption event at the Turrialba volcano.

The Third Camera System

After the second camera feed went dark, a third camera system was installed and went live in July of that year.

When the feed page resumed with this third camera system, it featured a USAID logo and a acknowledgment with a short gifting agency attribution.

Turrialba Feed Page - July 2013

Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional
Turrialba Volcano Feed, July 2013

Nuestro agradecimiento a la Oficina de Asistencia de Desastres OFDA, por la donación de esta cámara

Our thanks to the Office of Disaster Assistance OFDA, for donating this camera

This acknowledgment remained on the site for approximately a week after which time the feed operators removed it from the page.

The Suppression Begins

What was immediately obvious with this third camera system, was that it was of significantly poorer quality than the previous two systems. It also was installed with a wide-angle lens and was mounted with an unnatural tilt. Consequently, the third camera was unsuitable for the purpose of viewing Nibiru through the remainder of 2013.

However, in January 2014, we were able to observe Nibiru despite the low resolution, wide zoom and peculiar tilt.

Nibiru from Turrialba - 23-Jan-2014

On June 8, 2014, we released our third episode in the planet X101 series, titled Nibiru Nearing. In this program, we presented the first three image captures in this composite, corrected for tilt and zoom. The result was that we were able to show Nibiru is nearing Earth.

We wondered if there would be a response to this video, and there was.

Our Government Betrays Us

On June 12, 2014, camera number three was tilted sharply downwards so that the bottom two thirds of the feed dominate the field of view with useless terrain. Meanwhile, the camera no longer has a view of the sky.

Our Government Betrays Us

What was also of interest to us, was that the USAID logo was re-posted but this time with a much more precised, acknowledgment.

Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional
Turrialba Volcano Feed, June 2014



It is very detailed on the agency attribution, which is in all upper case, unlike the first acknowledgment displayed in July 2013 which read:

Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional
Turrialba Volcano Feed, July 2013

Nuestro agradecimiento a la Oficina de Asistencia de Desastres OFDA, por la donación de esta cámara

Our thanks to the Office of Disaster Assistance OFDA, for donating this camera

The language of the second acknowledgment on June 2014, was clearly written by a government information officer. I know this because this is what I was taught to do as a photojournalist, in the Arizona National Guard 123rd public information office during the mid-70s. Like they say, “old tricks are the best tricks.”

Had this been a genuine acknowledgment, the operators of the channel, it would have re-posted the July 2013 acknowledgment featuring the USAID logo and the much shorter agency attribution.

Therefore, it is clear that they posted what they were instructed to post. It is likewise obvious that they were instructed to tilt the camera downward, so the feed would no longer be used for daylight observations of Nibiru.

All this clearly shows is a a heavy-handed response by the United States government to our June 8, 2014 video titled PX101: Nibiru Nearing.



The objective is clear. Our government moved to suppress the ability of anyone to make daylight observations of Nibiru via a surveillance camera operated by foreign nation. Ergo, if you cannot see it, it therefore does not exist. But now you know better. So what?

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That said what is the goal of this article. To inform you of what is really at stake here, in the hope you will take action and respond to one of the following two appeals.

First Public Appeal – A New Camera for Turrialba

Given that viable and accurate daylight observations of Nibiru have been made on not one, but three different camera systems at Turrialba, since 2010, it is vital that this observation access is restored for the benefit of all the peoples of the world.

Therefore, our first appeal is that an individual or group offers to step forward to donate a high quality HD camera to the he Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional (OVSICORI-A) so they can replace the US AID gift camera.

What follows is a sample offer letter and offer graphic as shown below.

Contact Information Sample Letter (Spanish / English)



Mailing Address:

PO Box: 2346-3000
Heredia, Costa Rica

Telephone (CST)

(506) 2562 4001
(506) 2261 0611
(506) 2261 0781


(506) 2261 0303

Web Pages

Turrialba Camera

Contact Page

About the Institute
PDF - English Translation

Please note, all of the Spanish-language translations in this article were created using Google translations.


A quien pueda interesar:

Example Turrialba Donation GraphicQueremos donar el total de equipos y el costo de instalación de una nueva cámara en Turrialba, a condición de que cuenta con el mismo campo de visión y la misma o mejor resolución y que la cámara que capturó esta imagen el 12 de enero de 2013.

Estamos preparados para seguir adelante de inmediato. Por favor, consulte nuestra carta de presentación para la información de contacto.



To Whom It May Concern:

We wish to donate the total equipment and installation cost for a new camera at Turrialba, provided it features the same field of view and the same or better resolution and as the camera that captured this image on January 12, 2013.

We are prepared to move forward immediately. Please see our cover letter for contact information.

Thank you

It is our hope and prayer that someone or a group of individuals will step forward to make this offer in a timely and direct manner so that OVSICORI in Costa Rica can replace the poor quality USAID camera installed at Turrialba and likewise free themselves of the heavy-handed tactics of a foreign government.

However, until that day arrives, what the rest of us need to do, is to look up!

Second Public Appeal – It's Time to Look Up

Nibiru is now above the ecliptic, which means it is observable in the lower latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. For example, in PX101: Nibiru Nearing, we feature an interview with Richard Richard Bollerup of Statesville, North Carolina

Richard Richard Bollerup of Statesville, North Carolina

In this detailed intervew, he described his naked eye observations and smartphone images he captured on December 13, 2013 and January 8, 2014.

Given that Statesville is at 35°47′12″N, those living below 40° N are most likely at present, to make an observation of Nibiru.

USA Latitudes

However, what made Richard's observations so powerful was that he:

  1. Sent us the original raw image files from his high-resolution smartphone.

  2. Put his face and his name on his observations.

  3. Allowed us to interview him and to post that interview.

For us, Richard is a real hero and if you want to be a hero, please take time each day a few hours before sunset and go outside with your smartphone.

Look out to the West and keep doing that as often as possible until sunset. If viewing conditions are good and there has not been much chemtrail spraying in your area, you might observe Nibiru.

Next, you need to send us your observation report.

You Must Make a Naked Eye Observation

At yowusa.com, we only analyze naked eye observations with corroborating high resolution images. So above all else, you must personally observe Nibiru with your own two eyes and then take a photo of what you're observing with a high quality camera or smartphone. The camera resolution must be no less than 8 MP.

Why naked eye observations? Over the years, Yowusa.com has received hundreds of images and in many cases, people tell us they did not see anything until they looked at a picture they took. That's why these after-the-fact observations inevitably turn out to be sun dogs or some kind of lens aberration.

However, the ones that really annoy us are where the sender says something like “My friend took this picture of Nibiru. What do you think?” No date. No location. Just a friend-of-a-friend picture.

In these cases all we can say is “It clearly looks to us like a picture taken by your friend.”

In other words, no matter how interesting they may be, friend-of-a-friend anonymous observations are useless to us.

Send Us The Raw Image Files

Another problem is that people send us 2nd or 3rd generation images. Usually it's a screen capture of a photo displayed with a viewing program like Windows Photo Viewer. These images are just as useless as pictures taken by a friend-of-a-friend.

Or, they use a photo cropping tool in their smartphone to crop the image before they send it to us. Either way, these kinds of images are useless.

These situations are frustrating because people will rant about what they claim to have seen and are put out because we refuse to publish their images, based solely on their word alone.

However, without a faithful copy of the raw image source file, we will not publish the image, because we only work with untouched, original source image files captured with a digital camera or smartphone.

This is because these raw files contain embedded metadata that is absolutely essential to our analysis.

So if you cannot send us an untouched, original source image file of your naked eye observation, you're only wasting your time and ours. But there is also one more criteria that can make or break a report.

You Must Come Forward

Nibiru observations are like UFO reports. People are upset by what they see and want to tell others if for no other reason to know they are seeing something real. Yet, they are often loath to identify themselves. It is why we get so many friend-of-a-friend images, which are utterly useless.

To be blunt, if you're not willing to put your face and your name on what you've seen and to give us a telephonic observation report we can publish, we're not going to publish your image. In other words, this is such a vital endeavor, that reports by hide-and-seek observers only contribute to the general disbelief in the topic out there.

This is why the telephonic observation report with Richard Bollerup, included in our program Planet X 101: Nibiru Nearing, is so powerful. You hear him say in his own words exactly what he saw and imaged on both December 13, 2013 and January 8, 2014.

By doing that, viewers only have two choices. They can take Richard's report as being honest and fairly evaluate the images presented. Or, they can reject his report for no other reason than they fear that he is right. This is because when you do it right and stand up, the only way people can attack your report is with irrational behavior.

This obviously brings us to the big question. If you stand up like Richard Bollerup, it's because you understand what's really at stake here. That powerful people want you to die. It is the only logical reason for so much suppression.

Planet X Suppression

If you Google the search string “bible + end times + deception” you will be amazed to see well over 1.6 million results. Yet, what we hear time and again from people is the denial claim, “if Nibiru were really coming, our government would tell us about it, because with something this big they have to.”

This is why I often say “people tend to cling to the bliss of their own ignorance, like jealous lovers.” but I must also hasten to add that this only really applies to people in the mainstream. Those wealthy elites in the top 2% are not self-deluded by denial.

These are very perceptive people, and virtually each and every one of them has either constructed an elaborate underground survival bunker, or has made arrangements to survive in a taxpayer-funded bunker.

BunkerWhen I say elaborate underground survival bunker, I'm not talking about converted drainage pipes. I'm talking about deep underground survival condominiums, where the least expensive are approximately half a million dollars.

However most are a million dollars or more, because the construction crews are brought in at night and from a distance of about 500 miles away.

These workers must remain on site until their jobs are finished. Then they are transported out again at night and back to where they were sourced from.

These underground survival condominiums are fully self-contained, including air and water purification, fuel, medicine and food for typically two years duration. It is why we call these two-year preppers, “bunker bunnies.” Why?

What we are seeing at yowusa.com is that when this global cataclysm begins, it will likely be a decade before we reach what I call the “backside,” a time when we see blue skies once again.

During this time, life will certainly be hard for those on the surface, yet in certain respects, rewarding in ways we cannot fully appreciate at this time.

But what happens to the “bunker bunnies?”

After two years of sitting in their underground condominiums and watching the Sound of Music for the umptenth time, their supplies will give out and they will be forced to the surface to scavenge. When they do, they will stand out like sore thumbs.

They will be clumsy in their movements, their body odors will be easy to detect at a distance and they will be gullible. This is because they will not have evolved with circumstances on the surface to understand how life has changed. Consequently they will be easy targets for marauders and worse yet, cannibals.

However, the wealthiest elites are prepared for a decade underground, if not longer. In fact, they have not only been well prepared for this lengthy duration for quite some time and they're now working on the next stage in their dominion of the planet. So what do these plans look like?

Resource Management

The wealthiest elites, the oligarchs of the world and their minions, own these times.

The Elites Holds a Royal FlushIf we were to equate their position to a game of poker, they hold a Royal Flush-an unbeatable hand.

So for those who want to rant and rave about how they are laying waste to our world, all this behavior only plays into the hands of the elites.

This is because when you're busy ranting and raving, you're losing the long game by abdicating a strategic view of the elitest agenda for the coming decades.

The elites are not only taking what they need to survive into their extensive deep underground bunker networks, they're taking what they need to re-exert their dominion over the planet, once they return to the surface.

When they do, they will be able to offer surviving governments and peoples, seeds, medicines and technology to make their lives more endurable. But in order for them to make this strategy work, stockpiling enough of these resources to supply several billions of people is simply impossible. Ergo, if you cannot expand the resource base to serve the population, you reduce the population to serve the resource base.

Again, here is where I often say, “the first to fall are often the last to know.” however I think it was better said in a striking bit of dialogue from the movie 2012 in an exchange between the characters Adrian Helmsley and Carl Anheuser:

Adrian Helmsley2012 (2009)

Adrian Helmsley: "Wasn't it decided that people have the right to fight for their lives best way they can?"

Carl Anheuser: "After we get everyone on board, Adrian."

And this is exactly what the movie depicts, that the elites ensure their safe getaway by seeing to it that everyone else in the rest of the world is clueless as to what is coming. Consequently, people only know why they're dying on the day of their death... maybe.

This is exactly the same strategy here, however what the movie fails to also explain is what the elites have planned for the post-historic world.

As I mentioned before, in the present world they hold a Royal Flush, a winning hand for sure.

Bad Poker Hand for the ElitesBut in the post-historic world, they're not even going to hold two of a kind. If fact the universe will deal them a garbage hand and they know it.

That is why they know the the only way they can prevail is to bluff.

So they will come out of their deep underground bunkers with baubles and trinkets, and all those who want access to these baubles and trinkets, will have to relinquish their freedom in the mistaken belief that the elites hold the stronger hand.

Consequently, many will be tempted they'll sell their birthright for a bowl of lentils, despite the fact that the universe will give those who survive on the surface the winning hand.

This is because those who do survive on the surface for this long duration will do so only through strong communities where service to others is the guiding principle. The will be the meek and they will hold the stronger hand. So for this reason the bluff needs to be substantial and the elites are gearing up to go all in. Here is where their bluff strategy is simple.

The fewer survivors there are, the more baubles and trinkets the elites will have to entice the gullible with, and of course, the price will be simple.

Hunger GamesSlavery masked as progress and the result will be a class struggle much like the one depicted in the Hunger Games films.

So what about those who say, "what's the point of surviving such an awful time?"

Here is my answer. If you are only in service to yourself, it is just as well that you die with the ignorant and the uninformed.

But if you are in it for the species and you want to see humanity take its next big step forward, then there is everything to live for, because the meek will not inherit by default. They'll have to claim it by not allowing the elites to bluff them out of their birthright.

Call Their Bluff

When we do reach that time I call the backside, when we see blue skies once again, those who make it that far will most likely be in their 20s or early 30s at the outset of the cataclysm.

Regrettably, the demographics we see with this age group have a very weak interest in this topic as compared with those between the ages of 45 to 65.

So if the bulk of those who survive the coming cataclysm do so without understanding what is happening now, it will be far easier for the elites to beguile them with baubles, trinkets and empty words.

However, those who understand what is happening now and the long-term strategy of the elites to resume their dominion of the world, will be immune to siren call of resumed, elitist slavery.

This is why each and every one of you reading this article now has a simple decision to make. If your life is worth living, the fear of dying is not going to give you the strength of enduring a decade of deprivation.

But, if you choose to walk humbly with your God through service to others and you make it to the other side, you not only going to hold a winning hand, you'll know the three magic words that will end the tyranny of the elites once and for all. “Call their bluff.”

That's right. Just call their bluff and nothing says you have slog through a decade of misery before you can do it. Rather, start calling their bluff today by forcing an early disclosure of the coming Nibru pole shift cataclysm through active citizen journalism.

Observe and report, then do it again, and again, and again, and again, until the lies and the suppression become patently obvious. The goal is to humiliate a government that is by and for the elites, to reveal the existence of Nibiru, ahead of schedule.

Like they say, “timing is everything” and with a bit of truthful reporting, we can throw a sabot into the elitist watch works. This is why it's time to look up.

Are you up to the mission? If you have your doubts consider this. Right now you have just one of two choices. You can retreat into the bliss of ignorance and die like an ignoramus. Or, you can walk humbly with your God in service to an enlightened ascension of our species.

In any case, everyone dies and each one of us eventually stands before our God. When that happens, there will be no small print or golden parachute clauses you can invoke to get a pass. You either chose to keep the faith with your creator or you chose not to. In which case, whatever you choose right now at this moment, is what you'll eventually have to defend. May you choose wisely.



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