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Torah Code 2012 and Planet X

Yowusa.com, 17-Dec-2009
Marshall Masters

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Torah Code 2012 and Planet X After accepting Richard's invitation to join the Torah Code 2012 project, my first task was to prepare a lengthy list of Planet X-related search word suggestions.

Yowusa.com co-founders Jacco van der Worp and Janice Manning assisted in this effort and we present Richard with a list of over 40 different search terms.

The initial feedback from Jerusalem on this list was that while there is only one or two solid Planet X codes for 2012, there are numerous solid hits for the year 2013, and on more than one spelling of the name.



Herein comes the rub for the casual observer as now we're looking at the subtle differences between transliteration and transcription.


Transliteration vs. Transcription

A transcription is a faithful recording of exactly what is said or written. A good example is the Ten Commandments.

As the old saying goes, "if you want something done right, do it yourself." Ergo, God transcribed the Ten Commandments for Moses so there would be no wiggle room for (what "is" is) interpretations.

On the other hand, transliteration is a difficult process, where words or phrases are mapped from one language to another, typically on a character by character basis.

Several factors can plague transliteration efforts, such as mapping words from a dead language to a language in modern use. An excellent example of this are the many different versions of the Holy Bible available today and the heated arguments they create.

In such cases, the geographic language and or dialect can greatly influence the outcome, as well as personal or professional agendas. Therefore, one must be able to look beyond solemn assurances, so as to see this for what it is. A very human process.


Nibiru vs. Nabiru

The present day spelling for the term "Nibiru" stems from the research based on The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin, which translates in English to "planet of crossing."

Sitchin, like present day Torah Code researchers, Sitchin is Jewish, and he first became interested in the possibility of human origins while studying as a young man, at a Yeshiva (Torah School) in New York.

When Richard Shaw presented the list of search terms I'd prepared with the help of Jacco van der Worp and Janice Manning, to the researchers in Jerusalem, they found codes for two of the transliterated spellings: "Nabiru" and "Nibiru."

Using an old Codefinder program, we found roughly as many codes for both spellings, though we have not tested them for statistical validity.

Likewise, other spellings such as "Nebiru" and misspellings such as "Nibiriu" do not produce any codes for us at all when using a reasonable skip parameter. There are other transliterated spelling differences as well.

The terms Nibiru and Anunnaki are joined at the hip. As with Nibiru, you can easily find other spellings. For example, Anunnaki is also spelt as: Annunnaki, Annunaki, Anunakki, Anunaki and Annnunnaki.

How does this all boil down to a comparison of Nibiru vs. Nabiru? Nibiru is the intuitive transliteration of a Jew living in New York, whereas Nabiru is the intuitive transliteration of a Jew living in Jerusalem. Both separated by one vowel and a lot of oceans, yet meaning the same. So where does this leave the debunkers?


New Challenges for Bible Code Debunkers

In the past, Bible Code cynics could find a few coincidental code examples in Moby Dick and other texts. Never enough to complete on the volume basis, but just enough to cast doubt.

The free ride is over with new Torah Code research. The Moby Dick cynics will have to find a new way to debunk the Torah Codes.

While finding codes is still done in pretty much the same manner as before, the huge difference now is in the significantly high reliability. This is the direct result of new, never before available, advanced statistical analysis tools and methodologies.

An excellent way to demonstrate the power of these new tools and methodologies is that the Bible Codes mentioned in Drosnin 1998 book, Bible Code have been evaluated by Torah Code researchers. Nearly half were dismissed as insufficient to reach the more stringent statistical code thresholds used today.

This is the new and unprecedented level of statistical reliability that is coming forth from Torah Code researcher. It leaves debunkers and cynics in a bit of a bind. One that reminds me of an old saying that has been a long favorite of those in the legal profession.

"When the law is on your side, pound the law. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound the table."

Once Richard's movie, Torah Code 2012 comes out next year, I think the debunkers and cynics are going to be a great need for highly skilled furniture refinishers, but that's just me.

Besides, this is all a side show to my real interest. I've got something else in mind. Something big.


You're Not Alone! Join with Like-minded
Others on the Planet X Town Hall


Marshall's Torah Code Hypotheses

Is proving that Planet X whether you call it Nabiru, Nibiru or the huge ugly rock as I often do, the point here? Not at all.

Last November, the founders of Yowusa.com published An Open Letter To Our Readers. In it, we made the point that there is no more time for conjecture or debate.

Planet X will show up and indirectly trash the Earth — or not. Will it strike the Earth? Only paid disinformationaists and run by fruiters will tell you this.

Given all this, where is the grab here for Marshall?

To change the future so that we can mitigate or even possibly prevent a cataclysm as a more enlightened species. This is why I'm indifferent to to who created the Bible/Torah Codes in the first place. We have what we have, so let's put it to good use and leave history to sort out the rest.

You see, I deepl sense and to a certain degree believe, that a brilliant possibility exists. That there is far more to the Torah Codes then has already been discovered. Even dating back to when Michael Drosnin first published his best selling book, Bible Code in 1998.

Since Drosnin's book came out, the general view of this topic has been mostly two dimensional. Consequently, people are looking for code connections to simplistic "what if" questions, as well as validation of their belief systems.

Ergo, the Drosnin process largely presumes fixed outcomes and this always left me with the impression that his take on the Bible Code more resembles a theological Roulette wheel.

As someone with over 24 years of experience in the computer industry that's how I've seen it. Nonetheless, things do change. Now that I've joined with Richard Shaw and Pin Light on this project, I see there's a new sherif in town and a interesting spash of color in Pleasantville.


Who Created the Torah Code, G-d or ET?

Before starting my publishing business in 2002, I worked as a freelance consultant in the Silicon Valley. My client list included AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Oracle, SUN Microsystems and other notable technology firms.

This life experience is the basis of my Torah Code hypothesis and the catalyst of the very questions that drive my interest. Not so much as to who created the Torah Code and why, but rather, what we can create using it. That's my quest which I accept, is a unique motivation.

Conversely, the principal motivation for early Bible Code research as well as today's ongoing Torah Code research effort is a quest for knowledge about the Hebrew Messiah.

In further contrast to that, others of a more secular orientation, believe the codes have extraterrestrial origins. Needless to say, all views are tolerantly at loggerheads with the other.

Still the same, the debate makes no difference to me. If extraterrestrials created the codes, then so what? They were created by G-d just as we are so it's all good. (Well, mostly all.)

With the origin of creation issue behind us, we can focus on the codes in their purest sense. As tools for changing the future.

Specifically, the Torah (Old Testament) as I view it, is a repository of codes we can use to shift from one adjacent timeline to another. Much in the same way mariners use precise chronometers for celestial navigation.

With this in mind, imagine that all the codes contained within the Torah are actually layered. One timeline upon the other, like the bands of Saturn, in what impresses us with a cosmic parfait desert delight.

Further imagine that like the moons and rings of Saturn, our destinies orbit this ever-changeable, gaseous ball of possibilities. However, unlike moons and rings, we however are endowed by our creator with the gift of free will.

Consequently, we're not fated to remain fixed upon the same ring or moon, but rather, to skip from one to another as we see fit. As we do, entirely new codes will appear as we shift from one timeline to another, because we'll have entirely new questions.


There Does Not Need to Be an Ugly Future

Set whatever doubts you may have for the briefest of moments and consider this possibility.

That through a patient and open-minded heuristic process of shift changes and questions, humanity uses these codes to find a new and more rewarding timeline.

In this new timeline, we will find new codes to confirm that we've arrived as well as new codes for that timeline as well.

Granted, these shifts may all not be rosey, but from what I'm seeing now of the present time line, it's time to bust a move. In fact, that might be exactly what is intended.

Instead of waiting for a Messiah, perhaps G-d has always intended for us to learn that if we are to survive as an enlightened species, we must first accept the responsibility of becoming our own Messiahs.

Think of it. Imagine the possibility that we can mitigate or perhaps even prevent the ominous futures through harmony — and what if this pans out?

Then we'll know that our creator has given us both the gift of free will, as well as the right tool to develop its full potential.


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