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Planet X / Nibiru

yowusa.com/planetxYOWUSA.COM began researching Planet X / Nibiru in late 2000 as result of our Earth changes research dating back to early 1999.  What we determined is that while humanity is partly responsible for Earth changes, the primary force is natural. 

To find that natural source we expanded our search beyond Earth-centric explanations.  This led us in the direction of Planet X / Nibiru.

Featured Articles

It's Time to Look Up

It's Time to Look UpAfter publishing our video PX101: Nibiru Nearing on June 8, 2014, we were saddened to see an immediate suppression reaction by our own government.

A heavy-handed move to block all future observations of Nibiru via the surveillance camera located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.

Now that we have smoking gun proof of suppression. GO


2012 VP113 / BIDEN is a Planet X Red Herring

2012 VP113 / BIDEN is a Planet X Red HerringOn May 16th, 2014, the YOUTUBE channel SKYVIEW posted their final video on YOUTUBE.

Those that follow the topic know that the SKYVIEW team has been tracking an object of interest they call a KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) for several years.

The intent of the May 16th video was to challenge NASA's efforts to deceive or redirect public attention away from what is really coming.

Well, lucky for us the SKYVIEW team has the grit to stand up to these attack and to tell it like it is. And that's exactly what they did with their latest video, published on May 16, 2014, titled OUR LAST YOU TUBE VIDEO. The technical term for this is "chutzpah" and they've got it in spades! GO


Now Seen in the Western Sky

Now Seen in the Western SkyOn October 21, 2013 the biggest question in the whole planet X topic, is "tell me where to look for it so I can see it myself?" An answer to that question came in October of last year in the video published by The00Skyview team, titled NOW SEEN IN THE WESTERN SKY.

Their message was simple enough for the common man to understand. that if you wanted to see planet X for yourself and have a good pair of binoculars, there is a window of opportunity to see it and here is what you need to do. Regrettably, that answer was squashed before people could hear it.

This is the story of how that was done with a response video posted the following day titled Now Seen in the Western Sky 2. GO


2014 Planet X Watch Trends

2014 Planet X Watch TrendsGranted, 100 year events have always been with us and always shall. So when something happens and it is a 100 year event, all you can say is that this was the day.

In 2014, we'll be saying that a lot more often and as they say, you can take that to the bank.

For those in awareness, it is not about the days between events, but rather, the compression of time between these events. Ergo, it seems that we see news of yet another 100 year event, every 100 hours, so is there a single causality for all this?

While Alex Jones says that Planet X does not exist, the fact remains, it is the only single causality that explains what is happening to our planet and to us as a species. GO


Are You a Planet X / Nibiru Soldier for Truth?

An Open Letter to Youtuber Logan Runnin

Are You a Planet X  Soldier for Truth?  An Open Letter to Youtuber Logan RunninFor those of us in awareness we are now in troubling times and there is a growing Zeitgeist that as bad as things are, they are going to become much worse.

We are in a solar maximum, but where are the sunspots and why is it that natural disasters classified as 100 year events, seem to occur every 100 hours these days.

So we ask, what is the meaning of all this the more as we struggle to understand the causality driving all of this. One that eludes even the most logical-sounding dismissals. GO


Five Things Planet X Youtube Observers Can Do to Mitigate Disinformation Attacks

Five Things Planet X Youtube Observers Can Do to Mitigate Disinformation AttacksPeople around the globe are using YouTube to share their observations regarding PlanetX / Nibiru.

Some are certainly more interesting than others, however one thing is certainly true, the closer they get to the truth the more virulent and forceful the criticism and attacks will become.

This is what happened with the YouTube user Logan Runnin. On September 15th, 2013, he uploaded a two suns video. The content of the video was intriguing and we reviewed it many times in regular speed, slow motion, frame captures were gathered. GO


Dreams, Visions, Premonitions and Epiphanies

Or, Now That We've Observed Planet X,
What Do We Do Next?

Editorial by Marshall Masters, Publisher

Dreams, Visions, Premonitions and EpiphaniesMy recent video,Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis was made for our core audience – seekers of truth. Kind souls who've been set upon the path of awareness, by a profound experience such as a dream, vision, premonition or epiphany.

For now, the media-driven event known as December 21, 2012 has come and gone. Along with its disappearance, dabblers, date shoppers and scandal mongers have for the most part, faded away as well - but yet, the seekers of truth remain steadfast. Ever seeking, ever bold. GO


You're Not Alone! Join with Like-minded
Others on the Planet X Town Hall

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For those in preparation and planning, healthcare is a problematic area, because all things physical eventually play out and once your medical kit is empty, what will you have? You'll have Danjeon Breathing.

Danjeon Breathing dates back to the early days of acupuncture and was used exclusively by ruling elites until the Korean War (1950-1953) after which it went mainstream throughout South Korea.

It is also becoming popular in America, especially with those practicing Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi and other related energy arts. They study Danjeon Breathing to add key concepts and poses to their own personal health plan. Buy here. Learn more at FeelBetteronYourOwn.com


Is the Nibiru System Now Observable From Above the Chemtrail Layer?

http://beforeitsnews.com articleThis morning I received a message from Barbara Townsend, Admin of the Planet X Town Hall about a news report published on May 28, 2012 by the beforeitsnews.com web site, titled, Nibiru System In Full Color As Seen By A Passenger On-Board A Commercial Aircraft over Melbourne, Australia May 28.2012 Exclusive

The photo in this report is stunning at first glance, but having over a decade of experience with such reports, I've learned to look beyond the photo, to what is being said about it.

That means, going first to the comments. There I found the usual cranks and disinformationalists at work, save for one anonymous comment that one could say is more revealing than the photo itself.

To their credit, beforeitsnews.com released this story on Memorial Day, thereby catching the disinformation wolf packs off guard. A damn smart move, because the attacks were not as polished as usual. This turned out to be a a real windfall for a full time researcher like me. GO


Monsanto,  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Planet X

Monsanto, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Planet XThe hottest televised scandal of 1991 was without a doubt, the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas in October 1991. 

At which time the Anita Hill maintained that Thomas had sexually harassed her while he was her supervisor at the Department of Education and the EEOC. 

America was glued to the screens back then and scratching their heads.  Anita just didn't make sense. But yet... 

For a woman scorned as many surmised, she remained cool and determined through a lengthy public spectacle.  It was not the petty behavior of a scorned woman.  GO


The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream Media

The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream MediaOn December 30th, 1983, NASA's Chief Scientist of the Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite telescope (IRAS) announced that NASA had discovered Planet X. 

Just one week after the story of Planet X was released, the magazine US News and World Report ran a story retracting the announcement and NASA has been silent ever since.

That didn’t stop Dr. Robert S. Harrington who was the chief astronomer of the US Naval Observatory until his mysterious death in 1993.

By analyzing an extensive amount of publications relating to Planet X, in chronological order, not only does the cover up of Planet X become extraordinary, but one gains a unique perspective of the evolution of the Planet X discovery. GO


SPACE.COM — Sun's Nemesis Pelted Earth with Comets, Study Suggests

SPACE.COM — Sun's Nemesis Pelted Earth with Comets, Study Suggests A dark object may be lurking near our solar system, occasionally kicking comets in our direction.

Nicknamed "Nemesis" or "The Death Star," this undetected object could be a red or brown dwarf star, or an even darker presence several times the mass of Jupiter.

Why do scientists think something could be hidden beyond the edge of our solar system? Originally, Nemesis was suggested as a way to explain a cycle of mass extinctions on Earth. Screen Capture


The Jenner Files: Irrefutable Planet X (Nibiru) Evidence

FREE: 4-Part PDF eBook Series with 216 Pages
of Hard-Hitting Planet X / Nibiru Evidence

Now Available with the Zmags.com Viewer

The Jenner Files: Irrefutable Planet X (Nibiru) EvidenceThe notion of our Sun coexisting with a binary companion in the form of a Brown Dwarf is quite evident in the compilation of files presented here. The ‘Jenner Files’ are broken down into four main categories:

These include an assortment of articles, pictures, icons, esoteric symbols and prophesy references to support this argument.

Do all these images and text files relate to a returning celestial object? The answer is a resounding yes! GO


Is Hiding Under the Covers, Your Plan for 2012?

Is Hiding Under the Covers, Your Plan for 2012?So far, the biggest disaster of 2012, is a pandemic of denial. Instead of seriously contemplating what is necessary for planning and preparation and do it.

This includes many who have been following this topic for some time and are jumping into bed and pulling the covers tightly over their heads.

Does it make sense? Only if you ignore recent solar activity, unusual weather patterns, Earth trumpets, mass die offs, a significant increase in the number of major quakes and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and...

Yet, the only thing that could wake up some people, is to see a sinkhole swallow their house — then only maybe. Just maybe. GO

Tracking Planet X Fast Movers

Tracking Planet X Fast MoversAs Planet X approaches the core of our solar system, it will be preceded and followed by a large host of asteroids and comets in the core of our solar system that impact or flyby close to the Sun.

When they do, they can cause massive solar storms, which if aimed at the Earth, could be devastating.

The term “fast movers” is often used to describe these objects and how they can effect the Earth is not a hit-or-miss proposition. This is because the behavior of the Sun is usually the same, whether the fast movers are sun-grazers (passing close by the sun) or sun-impactors. GO

Mainstream Media Now Floating
Planet X Trial-Balloon Stories

Mainstream Media Now Floating Planet X Trial-Balloon StoriesThe mainstream media have essentially confirmed the presence of something strange in our planetary neighborhood. For those of us who follow YOWUSA and similar websites, that something is clearly Planet X.

Nonetheless, a clear pattern is now apparent in recent reporting―one that suggests the media are slowly beginning to take an interest because observable phenomena are providing mounting evidence of the presence of Planet X in the vicinity of Earth. GO

The Only Three Authentic SPT
Disclosure Videos
of 2008

The Only Three Authentic SPT Disclosure Videos of 2008 To date, there have been only three authentic South Pole Telescope SPT disclosure videos. Two by the original NibiruShock2012 in January and February 2008 and another by DNIr4808n in September 2008.

There is only a handful of copies of the original DNIr4808n disclosure video and thanks to a hot tip from a reliable source, Marshall Masters could download a copy of it, before it disappeared.

At the time, the DNIr4808n disclosure video which only appeared on YouTube for a few days appeared to corroborate the NibiruShock2012 videos. There was also a concern that it could be a copy.

In the process of completing his research on his forthcoming book, Crossing the Cusp, Marshall revisited the DNIr4808n video and discovered that not only did it to corroborate the NibiruShock2012 videos. It had something more. GO

Australian Survey Buoy Anomalies Offer New Evidence That Planet X is Approaching From the South

Australian Survey Buoy Anomalies Offer New Evidence That Planet X is Approaching From the SouthA heated debate in the Planet X community focuses on where Planet X is approaching from. Many believe it is near or moving along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun (the plane of our solar system.)

Others such as ourselves, have always maintained that it is approaching from the South.

Those who believe it is moving near or along the ecliptic in the direction of the sun, offer in evidence, cell phone photos and spurious SOHO image anomalies. GO

Could a NASA Crisis Herald the
Return of Planet X / Nibiru?
Updated 26-June-2010

Could a NASA Crisis Herald the Return of Planet X / Nibiru? Of the many different aspects of 2012, one is transcendent. It is convergence. In this case, we now find a startling convergence that connects a current political change of course with a remote viewing warning from 2004 and the ancient Hopi Blue Star prophecy.

What gives this convergence urgency is that it now has a clearly delineated time frame with unfulfilled predictions, shaped by completely unrelated world view paradigms. When does this harbinger time frame begin? It already has. GO

The Next Chapter Will Be Ours

Free MP3 Downloads

The Next Chapter Will Be Ours For those who are just starting out in their personal Planet X and 2012 research, the first question they typically asked themselves is, “am I nuts, or is there really something here?” The second question they ask themselves once they have determined they have rational interest is, “who can I trust?”

Then, further on comes the most difficult of the three questions. “Is their real hope for us as a species? Is this a dead-end catastrophic future or the beginning of an evolutionary event that will lift humanity one big step further, towards a more noble and enlightened destiny?”

In all frankness, a certain answer to this third has long been as elusive for me, as it has been for many. Yet only now, after a decade of continuous research am I'm beginning to see a rock solid promise of a future reality that transcends the opacity of belief, with tangible substance and form. That we are approaching an evolutionary point of critical mass. GO

Planet X Counterpoint: NASA Would
Have Told Us By Now

Planet X Counterpoint: NASA Would Have Told Us By NowIn this first article in this series, we'll examine the common Planet X counterpoint used by skeptics; that NASA would've told us by now.  This counterpoint is often used by wives to silence their husband's interest in the topics of Planet X and 2012, and vice versa to a lesser degree. 

Those who use this counterpoint are not aware of NASA's decade old Near Earth Object (NEO) disclosure suppression policy and how it has politically throttled a long established scientific practice. Consequently, it was dubbed the "doomsday news protocol" by the Associated Press in 2001. GO

Sony's 2012 Delivers a Powerful Human Warning

Sony's 2012 Delivers a Powerful Human Warning Since Sony's blockbuster film 2012 debuted last Friday it is setting box office records. Arguably it is the biggest disaster saga to hit the big screen since Titanic and with good reason, despite cynical attacks by NASA and film critics alike. It will be a long-lived film, because it possesses a powerful viral message that will take root as the entainment buzz fades away.

As for Yowusa.com, we're seeing huge traffic increases to our site since the film came out on the 13th. Our server logs indicate over over 5,000 page views per day to this site.

Likewise, our Yowbooks YouTube channel is now recieving over 24,000 views a day since Sony released 2012 on the 13th and interest is growing and postive. GO

NASA and Planet X

NASA and Planet X - They KnowWhen discussing Planet X, one inevitably encounters this knee-jerk rejectionist rant. "Well, if Planet X really did exist, our government would tell us about it."

They have, so those of us who actively research the topic ignore these rejectionist rants because we know that they know.

However, for those of you who are new to the topic, or are trying to discuss the subject with others, here are three undeniable speed bumps you can toss under those fast-moving rejectionist rascals. One of which, happens to be a smoking gun! GO

Star Panel Fabrications in Popular Sky Programs

Star Panel Fabrications in When people are looking for proof of the existence of Planet X, one of the first places they go looking is one of the popular sky programs, such as Google Sky and Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.

While these are incredibly useful tools for the common man to learn about astronomy, in terms of research they've only proven to be a source of targeted image fabrications.

Granted, one instance is a fluke, and twice is coincidence, but this has become a wide reaching, well-coordinated pattern of fabrication that is anticipatory and topically oriented. The goal of these fabrications is very simple. It is to take people down fruitless rabbit holes, so that they will lose interest in the topic. GO

Media Response to Sony’s 2012 Movie Parrots Disinformation 

Is John Johnson Jr. a PTB Disinformation Parrot?As Sony's forthcoming 2012 film approaches its release next month, we are seeing two significant growing trends. The first is a strong resurgence of interest in 2012 and Planet X, and the second is the response. 

Corporate media which have largely ignored or dismissed the topics altogether are now parroting one side of the story.  The result is that they’re giving debunkers a free hand to mock, humiliate and belittle the honest concerns and interests of honest people. GO

Observing Planet X / Nibiru

Observing Planet X / NibiruSince we published Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in July 2007, we've received numerous Planet X sighting reports. What was once a sporadic trickle has become a daily stream.

We know that folks are trying to be helpful, and while many of these reports are remarkable, they invariably show something other than the Sun's dark companion.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you understand what is really relevant, and we will do so by offering an analysis of the kinds of observations presently sent in to us.

We'll explain why we rejected these observation reports so that you'll know how to make reliable observations on your own. We'll then offer a preliminary forecast of how the actual initial observations of this object will come about, and by whom. GO

The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru

The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / NibiruThe published findings of the 2007, ESA-NASA Ulysses robotic probe's look-up fly-under of the Sun's South Pole region came to our attention while authoring our book, Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in 2007.

It offered the first half of a picture that would either provide proof of, or call into question, the existence of Planet X.  A possible acid test, so to speak. However, the second half of this picture would not arrive until 2008, during the probe's scheduled look-down fly-over of the Sun's North Pole region.  

A fully complete, dual-polar picture of the Sun would have provided a conclusive, acid test for the existence of Planet X.  Due to controller error, insufficient data was collected.  What's left is a fragmentary, but nonetheless, compelling picture. GO

Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?

NOTE: This image was restored by CCC on August 5, 2008 without any explanation for this disappearance. It was re-posted with additional images and a rather elaborate interpretation.

Planet X / Nibiru Crop CircleThe Crop Circle Connector web site has long been a leading UK crop circle resource, but a recent, mysterious retraction of what could be a groundbreaking formation depicting the orbit of Planet X / Nibiru now begs the question: Is this the result of government suppression? Are we being prevented from learning about the Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle that appeared in two parts in Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK on 15-July-2008 and 23-July-2008? GO

Planet X / Nibiru SPT Disclosures
— May 2008 Report

Includes Summary Video (Please Download)

NOTICE TO OUR READERS: This is our last Planet X disclosure analysis. We stand by our reporting and encourage you to become self-informed.—Marshall Masters

Planet X / NibiruSince our last major South Pole Telescope disclosure analysis article in April titled, First Two Planet X SPT Leaked Image Videos by NibiruShock2012 Now Seen as Highly Credible we've noticed the following three trends:

  1. Frequency and number of disclosures.
  2. More heavy-handed disinformation attacks.
  3. Whistle blowers are falling on their swords.

As the frequency and pace of disclosures increases, the disinformation attacks are becoming more heavy-handed. Back in March of this year, the disinformation was being played with the sophistication of a championship chess match, and the moves were played with finesse. However, this month this chess game has evolved into a bizarre Internet version of Whack 'em All. GO

Five Simple Ways to Test Planet X / Nibiru YouTube Disclosure Videos

For several months, yowusa.com has been conducting a constant analysis of the Planet X / Nibiru disclosure videos appearing on YouTube.com.  We set out on this analysis with three goals in mind:

  • Develop a content-driven ranking system.
  • Create a series of simple, YouTube vetting tests.
  • Define the attributes of a newsworthy video.

In this article, we'll discuss our findings based on these 3 goals (and name names) so that our readers can use the yowusa.com method as a reference point for the development of their own independent vetting protocol.

Yowusa.com has identified ranking system with 7 levels.  The principal factor for all levels is intent.  The first three levels are based on malevolent intent, and the remaining four represent some level of sincerity.  GO

Mother Shipton's Prophecies
and Planet X / Nibiru Research

Mother Shipton's Complete Prophecy

Mother ShiptonThe prophecies of the English seeress known to us as Mother Shipton, are becoming important to Planet X / Nibiru research. This is because her prophecies correlate with other ancient predictions of this impending flyby event and are scientifically consistent with recent findings. Specifically, her prophecy that states, "A fiery dragon will cross the sky -- Six times before this earth shall die... " is consistent with a large object in a long period orbit. GO


Planet X / Nibiru Series


Planet X / Nibiru Articles


Planet X 101 Series

Our 5-part, Planet X 101 series, comprehensive information about the approach of the Planet X system and what that means for humanity in the years to come. Based on science, hard data and years of observations, this is the fastest and simplist way to immerse yourself in the topic.

Use the Playlist dropdown menu in the upper right hand
corner of the player to select the desired episode.

Planet X 101 Playlist Contents - PlanetX101.com

This playlist is organized in chronological order. If you are new to the topic, we suggest you click the Play All button to begin with first episode in the series, Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Watching all five episodes, takes approximately 3.5 hours and the depth of information presented is the equivalent of a personal research effort, of three years or more.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How - October 28, 2013 [1:01:21]

This is the best starting place for those new to the topic of Planet X, because if presents a foundation understanding of the topic. It explains the various names used to describe these objects and offers a comprehensive history of the topic dating back to 1781 through to the present. For newbies, it is a real time saver, because it condenses months if not years of personal research for most, into a one-hour presentation.

Deep Impact- May 30, 2014 [0:19:59]

This video features an in-depth analysis of fireball observation statistical trends as published by the American Meteor Society (AMS). What you will see is a clear upward trend in large fireballs and bolides that has been steadily building since 2009. Given that oceans cover 71% of the Earth's surface, if this trend does not reverse itself soon, it is likely that we will witness a deep impact event in the near future. Such events generate catastrophic tsunamis such as the one depicted in the film Deep Impact (1998).

Nibiru Nearing - June 8, 2014 [0:42:09]

We present several observations of two bodies in the Planet X system. Nemesis the small brown dwarf companion to our own sun and it's outermost orbital, Nibiru (Planet X, Hercobulus.) Nibiru has been imaged from surveillance cameras in Costa Rica since 2010 and in this video, observations in the USA from 2013 and 2014 are also presented. All of these observations place these two bodies in this system in or near the constellation Ophiuchus, exactly as predicted by Nostradamus.

Pole Shift - June 8, 2014 [0:50:00]

For those new to the topic, this program offers recent observations of the Planet X system bodies, the Nemesis brown dwarf and its outermost orbital, Planet X. It offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the celestial mechanics involved in the coming pole shift a how these two bodies in space will gain a lithosphere lock on the outer skin of our planet, thereby causing a great tribulation for Earth.

Proof of Nibiru - June 17, 2014 [19:29]

As they used to say in WWII, “if you're not taking flak, you're not over the target.” There is no doubt that the PlanetX101.com series is over the target because debunkers are throwing up everything they can, including the kitchen sink. In this video, Marshall debunks these debunkers with the very science and facts they do not want you to know.




Spiritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DD

piritual Survival Skills: Friend or Foe Auras with Author Susan Shumsky, DDWhen preparing for a global cataclysm, we all start by thinking about the obvious: beans, bunkers and bullets.

What most do not see is that not only will our bodies and minds will come under a whole new range of stresses, so will our spiritual selves.

We all have to deal current concerns such as psychic sponge syndrome, social programming, psychic vampires, astral entities and more.

In a cataclysm, we'll be confronted by these same concerns, but with one difference-they'll be exponentially worse. That's why we need to up-armor our spiritual selves and the first step is with auras, the ultimate spiritual friend or foe recognition system.

To help us take the first big step, Susan Shumsky, DD author of The Power of Auras: Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being, is going to help you with keen insights and powerful affirmations. GO



"Preparation is not a place or a time. It is a state of mind and only innocents and fools wait for others to keep them safe and to take action first."-Marshall Masters

2014 Planet X Watch Trends

Yowusa.com, 10-December-2013
Marshall Masters

2014 Planet X Watch TrendsGranted, 100 year events have always been with us and always shall. So when something happens and it is a 100 year event, all you can say is that this was the day.

In 2014, we'll be saying that a lot more often and as they say, you can take that to the bank.

For those in awareness, it is not about the days between events, but rather, the compression of time between these events. Ergo, it seems that we see news of yet another 100 year event, every 100 hours, so is there a single causality for all this?

While Alex Jones says that Planet X does not exist, the fact remains, it is the only single causality that explains what is happening to our planet and to us as a species.

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