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  Nostradamus — King of Terror

Nostradamus — King of Terror
Marshall Masters, 24-September-01
Table of Contents


The year 1999, seventh month,

PAGE SUMMARY: The first line of this quatrain is the most controversial, since it sets a specific period of time. For those with an interest, but little background in the writing of Nostradamus, the tendency was to pull out the calendar and to count months. The problem was that Nostradamus did not mean the first month of 1999, the last, or any month in-between. In this insightful analysis, published Nostradamus expert Clarence Gregory tells us that "The seventh month of the Zodiac, of the calendar year 1999 is Leo, July 23 to August 22." This puts the August 11, 1999 eclipse over Turkey mentioned in href="/nostradamus/KOT_home/c3Q34L1/c3Q34L1.shtml">C3:Q34 -- When the eclipse of the Sun will then be, within the correct time.

C3:Q34 -- When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
C3:Q34 -- The monster will be seen in full day:
C3:Q34 -- Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
C3:Q34 -- High price unguarded: none will have foreseen it
C10:Q72 -- The year 1999, seventh month,
C10:Q72 -- From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
C10:Q72 -- To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
C10:Q72 -- Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Comet Lee May Have Fulfilled
the Prophecies of Nostradamus

Clarence Gregory, April 18, 2000

Foreword by Marshall Masters: What Clarence tells us is that Nostradamus prophecied a sign - not an event. Those who turned their head with bitter disappointment were looking for an event, which is sad, because Clarence shows us how the Eclipse of 1999 could very well have been the fulfillment of prophecy because Nostradamus prophecied a sign!

Object B

Object B -- Gamma shift version for low resolution issue.In a recent conversation with Marshall Masters, I was intrigued by his sighting of a comet he called "Object B" during the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, and that there has been an extensive effort to discredit that sighting.

It is widely accepted by prophecy scholars that the works of Nostradamus are coded some way. Many of these scholars assert that his quatrains are written in mixed order so as to further disguise his meanings.

Perhaps this why many secretly wish to discredit the "Object B" sightings are doing so because in fact "Object B" represents the fulfillment of quatrain 10:72 as prophesied by Nostradamus. But, in their haste to discredit Marshall's discovery of "Object B" they often misused or misinterpreted the writings of Nostradamus.

The Key to Understanding Nostradamus

I would like to point out that my work up to this point has concentrated purely on correlating the quatrains in their proper order to known historical fact. I have spent very little time in attempting to predict the future due to the inability to document the unknown. I claim the title of interpreter, not prophet, but I can fill you in on the possible outcomes of these quatrains in relationship to other quatrains that follow in numerical sequence. In my studies I have come to accept two rules:

  • Nostradamus rarely gives all the facts within one quatrain. He usually adds detail with quatrains that follow the original, and any quatrain that refers to a date, usually denotes that quatrain as the beginning of a thought that will be added to later.
  • Nostradamus rarely discusses an event as such, but rather, alludes to the outcome of the event. This makes it very difficult to identify until all of the facts are in. The process can take years and this is why I believe that several quatrains that follow the 1999 eclipse quatrain, in numerical order may add to the original thought and deserve further attention

Why the August 1999 Eclipse
was Widely Misinterpreted

During my conversation with Marshall, he mentioned that he felt it was a disappointment for many, that this sighting of Object B during the Solar Eclipse did not match with quatrain 10:72, also known as the "1999, seventh month quatrain."

Nostradamus 10:72

The year 1999 and seven months
From the skies will come the great king of terror
To raise again the great King of the Jacquarie
Before and after Mars to reign by happiness

He also expressed the opinion that he was delighted to be wrong. At that point, I knew I had to break his bubble. The fault in Marshall's reasoning, like that of so many others was that he chooses to take a literal stance in the interpretation of 10:72.

This misinterpretation was common because folk literally took the words, "Sept month", to refer to the either the months July or September. Please keep in mind that in later quatrains, when Nostradamus chooses to name any month, he does so directly.

Furthermore, by marking this date concerning a, "king of terror", Nostradamus chooses to name the seventh month without naming it directly. This leads me to believe that he was referring to an astrological month, as it is well documented that he was an active practitioner of the art.

The seventh month of the Zodiac, of the calendar year 1999 is Leo, July 23 to August 22. This places the Solar Eclipse and subsequent sighting right in the middle of the prescribed time period.

My attention was also drawn to this quatrain, with its unique date, during the August eclipse, but I had dismissed it as light hearted. This was due to my considering a Solar Eclipse to be of insufficient significance to warrant an interpretation of such far reaching possibilities. This all changed with Marshall's news of the presence of a comet (Comet Lee or "Object B") during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipses have been noted and predicted for centuries, but how often have the observers been treated to the unexpected appearance of comets during these events?

The presence of Comet Lee or Object B does indeed present us with a unique situation. Its presence, along with the above correlation of the date, compels me to elaborate on why I feel this event may well be of extreme importance.

Prophecy Sources

Please note, the prophecies of Nostrdamus were written in French language as it was used in that day. As with all languages, words and phrases take on new meanings as time passes an interpretations can and will vary. For the sake of consistency, the English translations were taken from a Russian web site. This is because the Russians share a closer cultural history with the French, and a deep respect for the language. There was a long period of time in Russia, when the nobility preferred the French language over their own.

Century 3, Quatrain 34
Nostradamiana, Alexy Penzensky

Century 10, Quatrain 72
Nostradamiana, Alexy Penzensky

Original Quatrain in French
Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera,
Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu;
Tout autrement on l'interpretera,
Cherté n'a garde, nul n'y aura pourueu.

Original Quatrain in French
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

English Translation
When the eclipse of the Sun will then be, 
The monster will be seen in full day: 
Quite otherwise will one interpret it, 
High price unguarded: none will have foreseen it. 

English Translation
The year 1999, seventh month, 
From the sky will come a great King of Terror: 
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, 
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck. 

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