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Why Owls Are The Perfect Surveillance Drones for an E.T. Abduction

YOWUSA.COM, 05-May-2010
Marshall Masters

Why Owls Are The Perfect Surveillance Drones for an E.T. Abduction In 2009, audiences were introduced to abductee Dr. Abigail "Abbey" Tyler, a psychologist living in Nome, Alaska with her two children in The Fourth Kind.

Despite Milla Jovovich's (5th Element) superb performance, many critics pan the film with the same kind of unwarranted humiliation that is so often served upon experiencers and abductees.

Even though the film's producers make a convincing connection with public interest in the Anunnaki (from Nibiru according to ancient Sumerian texts.), they still fueled caustic reviews.

While these caustic reviews failed to diminish the film's popularity and profitability, the producers still missed the point of a recurring element in the film — the owls.

The owls appear as cinematic metaphors before each of abduction portrayed in the film. However, rather than being a cinematic metaphor, the owls should be viewed for mission they are best suited. Remote controlled low altitude E.T. surveillance drones. That is, assuming the abductors can manipulate the minds of owls as easily as we do with Predator drones.

The Owl Connection

There is a long and often mystical connection between humans and owls. For example, Ancient Greeks viewed owls as representing great wisdom, whereas Ancient Romans viewed them as good luck (assuming that is, you could nail one to the front door of your house.)

However, in The Fourth Kind, which documents the encounters of Dr. Abigail Tyler of Nome Alaska and her patients. One of the striking aspects of the film is how the recurring imagery of a Barn Owl by Dr. Tyler and her patients serves as an abduction event harbinger, or possibly a confused memory of what the actual aliens look like.


Because the abductees shown in the film are never able to recall the physical form of their abducters, the significance of the owls is lost in some mythical notion.

Obviously, the producers of this film simply do not understand why owls are ideally suited to a surveillance role. This is really a shame because, because assuming one has the power to control animals, an Owl would be your number one choice for nighttime human habitat surveillance.

Owls are Like Predator Drones

Predator droneWe routinely see how high flying Predator drones are used to target and attack enemy leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan with uncanny success. Flying at high altitude with powerful cameras, operators can loiter for long periods while tracking their targets, then take them out with Hellfire missiles.

At low altitude, owls are are far more effective at surveillance than any Predator drone ever could ever be, so let's see how that applies to the abduction events portrayed in this film, that happened in Nome, Alaska

Like eagles, owls are raptors, descendants of predatory dinosaurs. What is interesting about owls is how nature has coordinated their hearing and vision. As to their sense of smell, it is rather poor. It is why the Great Horned Owl (which is also a native species in Alaska) is the number one predator of skunks. However, the Barn Owl featured in this film is so effective in controlling rodent populations that many farmers prefer them to poisons and traps. Why?

The eyes of an owl are powerful. So powerful, were humans to have similar capabilities, our eyes would need to be the size of small oranges. Of equal importance are the feathered cups around the owls eyes.

They're there for a purpose many do not understand. If we compare them to the satellite dishes we use for cable TV to focus satellite transmission onto a receiver, the owl's early capture line of sight sounds. The eye cups literally direct the sound to the owl's ears.

In terms of their audible range of their hearing, owls are comparable to humans. However, they are specially tuned for certain frequencies which enable them to hear the slightest movement, such someone walking about inside their home, or turning under the sheets of their own bed. Yet, that's only the half of it.

Owl's ears are asymmetrical. In other words, one is always a little higher than the other. This enables the owl to compare sound differences between the two ears. When you add it all up, owls are amazing nighttime surveillance drones. They automatically see what they hear and hear what they see and can track the smallest of movements. Each with dead accurate, real time, distance, elevation and direction target parameters.

Assuming, you are and extraterrestrial and you want to know where your targets are in a human habitat, you send an owl. Once it detects a sound from inside the structure, it focuses its eyes in the direction. At that point, you'll know exactly who or what is in that structure, as well as their precise location. You'll likewise know if they are moving or at rest. Or in other words, an owl is the perfect E.T. surveillance tool for an abduction.

Earth-Centric Vulnerability

This brings us to the key point. To the producers of The Fourth Kind and the researchers associated with the project, their view of the owls was Earth-centic. In other words, we only believe that which we can understand and possible control at our level.

Imagine that you're an E.T. race, or some insanely twisted jihadi genius, the ability to telepathically control presents a two fold benefit. First is the obvious mission capabilities of the owl itself. The second is that the rigid, Earth-centric thinking of human targets effectively shrouds your surveillance drone owl with powerful a cloak of invisibility.

I urge you the reader to watch The Fourth Kind. As you do, pay close attention to what the abductees are doing when the owls appear and how both species observe each other. Then, consider your own Earth-centric vulnerability and the need to move those rigid confines. It could save your life some day.


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