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Crabwood Formation
Offers Clear Evidence
of Contact Event

YOWUSA.COM, 18-August-2002
Marshall Masters and Robert Heger

Crabwood FormationIn a few days, farmer Mike Burge of Vale Farm, Pitt in England will plow-under one of the most, if not THE MOST significant contact events ever. In short, we have been given the key to facilitating communication with extraterrestrials in a very clear and unequivocal manner.  It is our hope that this momentous formation can be properly studied before farmer Burge plows it under.  While this may not seem to make sense for those who do not understand the nuances of spiral serial data representations of interlaced raster images, it does actually make sense!  Consequently, the exciting and groundbreaking communication technology represented in this formation is clear and the purpose of this article is to explain the essential concepts of this momentous event in simple terms.

Urgent Plea by YOWUSA

Before we get into the details, YOWUSA is now making an urgent and open plea to Mike Burge and Peter Vellacott.  Please gentlemen; this formation must be studied in greater detail before it is plowed under. 

Crop Circle Connector, August 16, 2002
Crabwood Farm House, nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 15th August. 

Crabwood Farm House, nr Winchester, HampshireThanks to Peter Vellacott, the helicopter pilot from Fast Helicopters, for going out of his way to help me to get our video shots today.  I would also like to mention the farmer Mike Burge, of Vale Farm, Pitt. He is very positive towards the circle being on his land specially after he saw the aerial video footage.  He will be cutting the wheat circle in 3 days time. 

The crop circle itself is surrounded by radio masts and is over the hill from one of the world's most magnificent cathedrals in Winchester.  One has to marvel at the complexities in this new circle.  We are very lucky and privileged to be able to observe such great formations in the English countryside.

Specifically, high-resolution images of the circle portion of the formation must be photographed from directly above so that there are no visual distortions from oblique views.  As you read this article, we hope that you will come to understand why we are making this urgent plea.

We also ask our readers to show their support for a more aggressive and precise study of the phenomenal formation by sending an E-mail message of support to Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike Crop Circle Connector

YOWUSA also encourages you to support the extraordinary work of these dedicated crop circle researchers by becoming paid members of the Crop Circle Connector web site.  Please do it today! 

The Message of the Formation
is Clear We Want to Talk!

The primary purpose of the Crabwood formation is to show us how to establish a two-way dialogue with an off-world race. 

In order for us to initiate that two-way dialogue, we must first establish a common communication medium amongst other things. 

The Message of the FormationThe very placement of the formation next to a microwave station is a clear statement of that fact, as is the fact that the top of the formation points in the direction of that site.  Therefore, this formation clearly shows us that microwave is the communication medium. 

Keep in mind that microwave stations are used for commonly used communication services such as cellular phones, television programming and emergency services. 

Microwave communications systems are ideal because they offer superior wideband links for video and digital telecommunication signals to and from space.  A good example of this is the GEO satellites we rely upon for such things as the movies we see on Cable TV.

geosynchronous orbitGEO is short for geosynchronous, or geostationary, earth orbit. A GEO satellite orbits the system used in.  GEOs orbit the earth at 22,300 miles above the earth's surface and orbit in a fixed position in space in relation to our planet.  Ergo, the orbit of a GEO satellite matches the 24-hour rotation of the earth.

Now here is the kicker.  Older Cable TV GEO satellites send us our action films and world news with a signal that is no stronger than that of a common CB radio such as those used by truck drivers (a maximum of only 5 watts.)  For this reason, microwave is used by GEO systems as an ideal way to transmit high-speed data, television signals and other wideband applications. 

The Need to Establish a Common
Protocol for Future Dialogues

Crabwood formation side viewIn telecommunications parlance, a protocol is an agreed-upon format for transmitting data between two devices.  In this case, the protocol used to facilitate a coherent dialogue between microwave transmitters and receivers here in Earth and those in space.

The essential protocol element in the Crabwood formation is the circular pattern of blocks etched in the lower right hand corner of the formation.  Additionally, the image of the face and how it is constructed plays an integral part in designating the protocol.  So then, what is a protocol and how does the term apply to the Crabwood formation?

A good example of one of the most frequently used protocols on Earth is one call TCP, which stands for Transmission Control Protocol.  It is one of the main protocols of the TCP/IP networks used by the Internet.  Were it not for the TCP protocol, your PC and YOWUSA.COM's web server could not understand one another and you would not be reading this article (not to mention E-mail, instant messaging and so forth.)

In terms of the Crabwood formation, the need for an equal reliable protocol is just as great and in order for any protocol to be effective, it must at least provide for the following:

  • Data structure (and Compression Method, If Any): What does the data look like and whether or not it been compressed to save transmission bandwidth.
  • Error Checking: The protocol must establish a way to determine if a message has been transmitted and received correctly.
  • Send Complete: How the sending device indicates that it has finished sending a message.
  • Receive Confirmation: How the receiving device can indicate that it has received the message.

Upon close examination of the Crabwood formation, it becomes readily apparent that the four aspects of workable protocol are offered: Data structure, error checking, send complete and receive confirmation. 

The Crabwood Formation Data Structure

The Crabwood formation presents a serial digital message in essentially the same format as that used by the DVD players we use to play movies recorded on DVD discs.  DVD stands for digital versatile disc or digital video disc, and is a type of CD-ROM designed to hold a minimum of 4.7GB (gigabytes), enough for a full-length movie.

If you were to look at the surface of a DVD or CD-ROM disc under extreme magnification, what you would see are blocks used to represent the digital bits of information.   

digital comparison to crop circle formation

Likewise, the exact same method of representing digital information is presented in the Crabwood formation.  Another striking similarity is the manner in which the digital information is presented. 

At first glance, the block in the circular part of the Crabwood formation appears to be organized in concentric rings. Were this actually the case, the formation would not accurately represent how digital information is organized on a CD or DVD as these devices organize the data in the form of a serial spiral as shown in the illustration below.


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concentric rings v. DVD spiral

However, upon closer inspection of the Crabwood formation, it is clearly apparent that the digital data has been organized exactly like a DVD that is, in a spiral. 

Crabwood Formation Spiral Pattern

When creating a CD or DVD the first bits of data the engineers place at the beginning of the spiral (at the center of the CD/DVD) is setup information. The purpose of the setup information is to teach the player how to playback and interpret the data on the CD/DVD image. 

With the Crabwood formation, this elaborate setup scheme is most likely not used.  Rather, it appears that the data is presented quickly and simply where the binary ones and zeros represent the actual black and white pixels used to form the image of the alien.

It is important to note that a final determination requires much better imagery and aggressive analysis. This is why we are making our plea that the formation not be plowed-under until it can be properly photographed.

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