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Cut to the Chase with Marshall MastersCut to the Chase with Marshall Masters first aired in 2004 and offers critical interviews with notable authors on topics related to surviving the coming flyby of Planet X / Nibiru and pole shift.

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Be a Planet X Tribulation Spiritual Warrior — William
Von Holst

Be a Planet X Tribulation Spiritual Warrior — William Von HolstWe live in a world where the forces of evil are thrashing about and giving the appearance of strength as we approach the last days, but they know their time is short.

We also know that there are evil cabals seeking to reduce our numbers dramatically in the coming tribulation so that we can be easily enslaved afterwards. Is this the way it has to be?

According to  Imre Vallyon, author of The Way of the Spiritual Warrior: The Timeless Path to Enlightenment, it is we who will decide if evil prevails. The editor of this book is William Von Holst, and in this interview he not only tells us that the choice is ours, he also tells us that all it will take is a small handful of us to decide the outcome.  That is, those of us who choose to become Spiritual Warriors.

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According to Vallyon, a Spiritual Warrior Sees God inside him or herself and has the power to transmit the energy of the spiritual kingdom.  In fact, he states, “The Buddha was a Spiritual Warrior, as was the Christ.”

This outcome will most likely be decided during what the ancient Egyptians called the great winnowing in The Kolbrin Bible.  According to Marshall Masters, this event will be an amplification in that whatever is in your heart will be amplified a hundredfold. If what is in your heart is fear, you will die in what will be remembered as the single greatest disaster of the tribulation in terms of human loss. On the other hand, if true love is in your heart, you could very well become one of a handful of spiritual warriors who will decide the fate of humanity.

Also in this interview, Marshall explains the benefits of being a Planet X researcher for those who are now new to the field and, he reads the first chapter of his new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide.

We know a dark cloud is coming, but this interview is about the silver lining in that cloud. It will fill you with a new sense of hope for the future.


84% of ET Contactees Want More — UFOlogist Rey Hernandez

84% of ET Contactees Want More - UFOlogist Rey HernandezIn February of 2008 Cut to the Chase aired an interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell (September 17, 1930 – February 4, 2016).  A former NASA astronaut,  Dr. Mitchell expertly piloted the Apollo 14 Antares Lunar Lander to a safe landing on Fra Mauro on the moon. Mitchell was the sixth man to set foot on the moon, but the first man in space to experience a profound transformative spiritual event. This was an event that went beyond the science of space travel to a life of purpose not of NASA’s making or control.

Like other notable NASA astronauts, Dr. Mitchell also came forward to tell us that we’ve never been alone and never shall be. What made him unique among this small band of courageous star travelers would be his legacy., the home of F.R.E.E., the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

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The world lost a true human treasure with Mitchell’s passing last February, but F.R.E.E. continues on with an active body of retired Ph.D. physicists, Ph.D. scientists, Ph.D. psychologists, Ph.D. neuroscientists and lay researchers. Together they facilitate investigations into UFO-related contact experiences with non-human, intelligent beings and associated paranormal activity. This is all done with a grounded and rigorous scientific foundation that is the first of its kind in the realm of UFOlogy, and one which could very well bring humanity to a completely new understanding of where we fit in the grand scheme of things.  

To introduce F.R.E.E. for the benefit of experiencers, and all those with an interest in a truly scientific and noble search for the truth, c0-founder Rey Hernandez explains the methodologies and initial findings of this prestigious effort.  The bottom line is that unlike the self-serving and negative spin we hear from scaremongers, we live in a galaxy inhabited mostly by benign and compassionate races. Join me in this interview with Ray Hernandez and learn the surprising good news — most extraterrestrial encounters are positive experiences.

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