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Feel Better on Your Own Danjeon
Breathing for Wellness

Feel Better on Your Own Danjeon Breathing for Wellness

For those in preparation and planning, healthcare is a problematic area, because all things physical eventually play out and once your medical kit is empty, what will you have? You'll have Danjeon Breathing.

Simple to Learn, Safe and Effective, Danjeon Breathing is Ideal for Preppers

The Feel Better on Your Own approach is simple. You begin with a standardized low-impact and high-impact exercise program, with 20-minute, clarity, health and stamina exercise plans. Then you personalize your exercise plan and help others do the same, with the Trainer Reference System.

When you experience the joy of Danjeon Breathing, you will want to share this ancient knowledge with others. And that's our goal.

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All color, illustrated, 192 pages
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Home Study System

Being In It for the Species, The Kolbrin Bible, Danjeon Breathing and More    
A Great Value Package for Those Seeking a Complete Mind and Body Knowledge System    

Being In It for the Species maps the difficult years ahead but in a way that moves you from a survival paradigm of fear to a more endurable paradigm of love through personal empowerment.

The Complete Danjeon Breathing System, you'll learn an ancient self-healing art designed to keep healthy survivors healthy.

The Kolbrin Bible offers insights and knowledge about the past, because understanding how our ancestors survived past cataclysms offers us a vital survival advantage for the years to come.

This value package also features a wide range of video and audio media to help you get our home studies off to a quick and confident start. GO

Home Study System  


About Danjeon Breathing

Danjeon Breathing was created by wealthy and powerful Korean elites during the early days of acupuncture, for longevity, relief from aches and complaints and to bolster the immune system.

Today catching a cold means a quick trip to the drugstore, but thousands of years ago, elites were most afraid of dying from a communicable disease such as common cold or flu, hence the old expression “catching your death of cold.”

It was this very fear is that propelled the methodical refinement of the most essential Danjeon Breathing exercises over the centuries.

Korean elites suppressed this knowledge for centuries, but after the Korean war, it went mainstream and spread throughout South Korea.



Today, every neighborhood has a Danjeon Breathing studio and business, and political leaders practice it each day.

Danjeon Breathing is new to America and studied by practitioners of other energy arts such as Yoga, Reiki and Tai Chi. Their aim is to incorporate these breathing techniques into their own wellness strategies.

For example, while breathing is critical to all energy arts such as Yoga, Yoga only increases the body's oxygen level to 103%. However, Danjeon Breathing increases it to 107% and with considerably less time and effort.

If you're already doing other self-healing energy healing arts, keep doing them and enhance your overall results by adding Danjeon Breathing concepts to your daily regime.

New to the energy arts? Danjeon Breathing is the easiest to learn and returns the greatest level of wellness benefits with the least amount of time and effort.

When you purchase the Danjeon Breathing for Wellness program from Feel Better on Your Own, you are learning proven, core exercises developed and perfected over the centuries by Korean elites.

This knowledge has endured because results come quickly. You'll feel brighter, lighter, steadier on your feet, be less susceptible to communicable diseases. All this in just 20 easy minutes a day.


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